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An Abundance of Positive Discoveries

User Thread
 40yrs • F •
An Abundance of Positive Discoveries
As I read through news articles and findings, it seems as though there is a huge wealth of information being generated through science and research.

The majority of social / political / economic news remains negative: wars, people harming each other, politicians lying and getting away with it, companies suing each other, the faltering economies of the world...

But when you start investigating the sciences and what's going on across the world through research and advances in technology, there is so much good happening. The success of the Hadron collider/ Higgs Boson and the current Mars mission are two of the major achievements, but there are numerous other scientific advances taking place that provide promising possibilities for the future.

Some examples of what I mean:
Interpretations and research based on information from the Human Genome Project and the 1000 Genomes project is going to bring forth new insights about the human species;
The recent bone marrow transplants that seem to have cured two people from the HIV virus - future research from this event could change the world in relation to AIDS;
The constant flow of new stem cell research findings for curing human ailments.
Even the prominent battle between atheists and Christians, it's so wide spread and with growing numbers of non-religion followers - it's pushes such a sharp focus to science through which the awareness and and growth of human intellect surely must follow.

These are very good, very positive events that are occurring in the world. It's almost as though science is starting to finally fly and because of it, social issues have begun to boil as old mentalities struggle to survive.

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
An Abundance of Positive Discoveries
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