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Number of People Murdered Every Day?

User Thread
 40yrs • F •
Number of People Murdered Every Day?
Looking to compile information/statistics (in this thread) on how many people are murdered every day world wide, if you know of any resources with figures, even if it's specific for just one country, please share here.

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 32yrs • M •
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if you check other years, its about 20k people murdered in the USA every year. The cities who are the most criminally active are detroit, baltimore and washington DC. Though most crimes are done by blacks, a lot of them are also done by whites. Generally speaking, when it comes to murder, all races that are of a significant number in the USA have their fair share.

Blacks lead with a good number, followed by mexicans and other latinos, then whites follow close by in the muder category.

In Europe, the country with the biggest crime rate is Russia. 11.5k murders every year. The closest to that is Spain (around 5k), most of them committed by immigrants from arabia, asia or africa. Same for all countries with a lot of unregulated immigration.

Norway had only 29 murders last year while Denmark only 46. Countries that have very little immigration in them.

Switzerland had 52. The reason why switzerland is important is because they have a more american (less restrictive) approach to gun laws. People will say that the USA has a high crime rate because people there are allowed to legally purchase firearms. This is a stupid argument and switzerland is there to prove it if common sense isn't good enough. No self-respecting criminal will do a crime with a legally purchased firearm. Those that do crimes with legally purchased firearms either don't do murder or usually do it as a crime of passion.

Everywhere else in Europe, the gun laws are very, very strict. And in the former communist countries, it is even stricter and even more insane. This is in regards to the civilian population.

Just some facts to get the discussion started.

It is also no point in bringing in the third world countries into discussion... places like africa and the arabian countries who are either in a shithole, a civil war or a revolution.

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Number of People Murdered Every Day?
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