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Intelligent Design & Teach the Controversy

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 38yrs • F •
Intelligent Design & Teach the Controversy
Synopsis: Teach students about 'intelligent design' aka about the notion of a god creating the universe in science lessons under the guise that 'teaching the controversy' is healthy, it will provide a more wholistic world view and it will allow students to decide what they believe in.

The whole 'Teach the Controversy' during science is not something I subscribe to. Yes, people should be informed about religions of the world, but teaching about religious belief systems is not something that needs to be dealt with during science class time.

No doubt, the Teach the Controversy movement was/is an attempt to hinder the growth and awareness of American people and society, by those who fear losing power through the handles of religion. And by those who fear accepting that their beliefs were lies that have been passed down from generation after generation into the human psyche.

The images below are not my own, they are from a company called 'Wear Science' who make clothing with these designs printed on them.

Whilst comical, they accurately represent what Teach the Controversy is equitable to.

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Intelligent Design & Teach the Controversy
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