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Brainwashed Crazy Fanatical Bible-Thumping Holier-than-Thou Loony-Tooners

User Thread
 54yrs • M
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Brainwashed Crazy Fanatical Bible-Thumping Holier-than-Thou Loony-Tooners
Brainwashed Crazy Fanatical Bible-Thumping Holier-than-Thou Loony-Tooners Shoving Their Religion Down Everybody Else's Throats

a Neo-SocialistRealist poem by Wolf Larsen

I'm not concerned with the afterlife!
I'm trying to avoid the afterlife as long as possible!
I'm kissing my bosses' ass (for stingy wages) and trying to avoid joining the hordes of unemployed!

No, I'm not concerned about no eternal home in heaven, I'm just trying to do the best I can to keep my own home away from the stealing thieving hands of the banksters! Everywhere you look those banksters are stealing American homes...

Oh, what's that? You don't like Muslims?! Oh how peaceful & tolerant & brotherly love of you and all that! I guess you love the American war machine stomping all over the people in Vietnam – I mean Afghanistan!

(Hail to the Warlord-in-Chief! You better! You know they're spying on us!)

And you want to complain to me about two guys holding hands while they're walking down the sidewalk? That's your biggest problem?? If that's your biggest problem you ain't got no problems!

You want to "waaaaa-waaaaaa-waaaaaa" to me about two guys holding hands & "sinful" homosexuality and all that? You think I care??

I'll tell you what's got me mad! The politicians (of both parties) just gave the military the right to detain Americans indefinitely without a trial – it makes me think of Guantánamo Bay prisons across this nation from sea to shining sea!

Like there' s not enough people in jail already! 1 out of every 4 people in jail in the world is in jail in the USA, mostly because of drugs!

And now they're talking about putting drones in the sky over America! It'll be like Afghanistan & Pakistan – only a lot closer!

But you want to "waaaaa-waaaaaa-waaaaaa" to me about two guys holding hands while they're walking down the street. Do you really expect me to care? Oh they're going to hell are they? Personally, I think were already living in hell!

Hardly anybody's got a pension anymore! And now they're saying that Social Security is going to be insolvent soon. I don't know about you but I'm not exactly looking forward to eating out of garbage cans when I'm old!

But even though the government is supposedly broke they got nearly $1 trillion dollars to giveaway to the rich in endless bailouts! And you know the war profiteers are raking in the dough! (Ain't nothing changed!)

Meanwhile people can't afford to pay their medical copayments! They're going without medical care! That's because these insurance companies are raking in the dough too!

But you're still going on & on about all this "homosexual sinning"! You tell me it's against the Bible and all that, like I really care! I remember reading in the Bible two women getting their father drunk and having sex with him – that's incest!!! Are you suggesting that all young ladies have sex with their father because it's in the Bible? What's that? You want me to give 10% of my income to the pastor of the church?? Man, you better get back on that Mayflower and go back to where you came from!

No, I ain't got no problem with Jesus Christ, but the bigotry you're preaching ain't got nothing to do with Jesus Christ!

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen

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Brainwashed Crazy Fanatical Bible-Thumping Holier-than-Thou Loony-Tooners
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