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Their Crimes

User Thread
 54yrs • M
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Their Crimes
Their Crimes
a Neo-SocialistRealist poem by Wolf Larsen

They invented the atomic bomb

They tested their new weapon of mass destruction on the people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

They escalated the war in Vietnam

They enslaved the black people

They smash unions

They steal pensions

They don't pay taxes, instead they put all their money in offshore bank accounts

When they're in trouble they get government bailouts, when you're in trouble you get nothing

They get the best medical care in the world, while others skip on medical care because they can't afford the copayments

They're taking over our inner cities and pushing us out in a wave of gentrification

Their banks are stealing our homes in an orgy of foreclosures from sea to shining sea

Their cops attack protesters on the street with pepper spray & clubs

Their cops shot minority youth in the back

Their prisons are overflowing with people incarcerated because of drugs

They eat caviar & drink champagne while millions of American children grow up in poverty

They have the nerve to call the unemployed "lazy", when in fact they are the ones who ruined the economy & caused massive unemployment

They've overthrown democratically-elected governments throughout the world and aided dictators like Pinochet, Batista, & the Shaw of Iran

They give bullets & armaments to right-wing death squads throughout Latin America

They spend billions on war & exotic new weapons of mass destruction while the country falls to pieces

They are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian it does not matter. They used to be all white men, but now some of them are black, and some of them are women it still does not matter

They are preparing to make a war of terror against us, they just gave the military the right to detain us indefinitely without a trial

The same drones that they use against the Afghanistanis & Pakistanis will be used against us one day

You'll wake up one day and there will be government drones flying over you in Chicago, LA, New York City, Atlanta, etc.

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen. Advance permission is given to anyone wishing to publish, distribute, and/or read out loud to an audience this work to do so as long as no alterations are made to the work, and credit is given to the author.

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Their Crimes
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