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Got Any Spare Change?

User Thread
 54yrs • M
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Got Any Spare Change?
'Hey, You Got Some Spare Change Mr. President?'
A Neo-SocialRealist poem by Wolf Larsen

It's like the white liberals & the black nationalists & the rest of the new-'left'-overs kissing the ass of the Commander-in-Chief!
It's like we're in the soup kitchen era again!
And now they're bashing unions from sea to shining sea!
And now they're foreclosing on working-class homes from sea to shining sea!
And as the Commander-in-Chief drops a drone bomb on one more family in Afghanistan/Pakistan the peace-loving liberals tell us to vote Democrat!
Yeah, vote for the same peace-loving Democrats that brought us Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, and the Cuban missile crisis!
And now the military has the right to detain Americans without a trial! Your hero president just signed it into law! Ain't that a trip?
How long before American soldiers are sent to smash down doors of American homes and disappear Americans?
And one out of every four persons in jail in the world is in jail in the freedom-loving USA, and this is what you call democracy?
Smoke some marijuana in the freedom-loving USA and maybe tonight you'll be in a jail cell with Bubba. That's freedom alright!
You want me to write yet another artsy-fartsy abstract poem while people in the streets are begging, "You got any spare change? Got any spare change?"
Yeah Obama, you got any change?
No, he ain't got no change.
Of course, come November you can always vote for the other pig instead!
Changing one pig for another ain't no change!
Democrat or Republican it's all just a bunch of capitalist diarrhea that needs to be flushed down the toilet!

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen

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Got Any Spare Change?
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