Cynicism is an unpleasant way of saying the truth. - Lillian Hellman
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The silly occupy crowd

User Thread
 35yrs • M
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The silly occupy crowd
Most of the occupy people are tourists number one.

The rest is broken up into two crowds. People who are angry because they failed to achieve in life<achieve on the same level as the 1%>.
And people who are afraid of getting into the financial world and forging their own financial future.Afraid because they cannot compete in anyway with the 1%.

Most of the college aged people haven't even been in the real world long enough to make honest opinions about the system. The definitely don't have the knowledge needed to make a new system or even repair the current one.

The younger people out there are scared about their financial future and think it would be best for "everyone" <meaning themselves> if all the wealth of the country was divided equally as apposed to being earned because they don't know what it takes to get that money. I can promise you if they had a paved out future filled with riches no matter what they wouldn't be in the streets.

That's not to say Wallstreet isn't corrupt and shouldn't be prosecuted for illegal acts.

The occupy crowd is so stupid they don't even want to associate the wall street corruption with the corruption in Washington.

Hmmmmm now why oh why would a group of do gooders ignore half of the problem and ONLY focus on Wall street instead of worrying about how Wall Street was able to commit their crimes without being held accountable?

Because it's a political movement. Not a personal belief driven movement.

They focus on Wall Street only because shining light on the ones allowing Wall Street to do what they do would affect the people promoting the protests in the first place.

Why is it that when the government willingly ALLOWS People to steal Billions of dollars the government isn't even mentioned?

Don't you think there is a reason the government is allowing it?

Don't you think there is a reason no one is upset about the government along side with wall st?

The reason is obvious. Try thinking and stop jumping on popular feel good bandwagons that give your tiny lives a false sense of validation and meaning.

You people aren't even doing anything but hanging out and making noise.

Do any of you even have a coherent Idea as to how we should deal with the theft of billions and how we should deal with a government that not only allows but encourages such acts?

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The silly occupy crowd
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