Lovers that are friends are the ones that break your heart. Friends that are lovers are the ones that mend it. - Blood_princess
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Let's promise that we'll never ever commit suicide!!

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Let's promise that we'll never ever commit suicide!!
I wrote this note, it's anti-suicide and about keeping hope in life, read and enjoy )

There are more ways than ever to find out how much life is worth living, each time you feel so lonely, so depressed and then you start believing that you don't belong here anymore, just look around you and make up your mind for a while...

Halfway around the world, I'm sure, positive, that there's someone holding more pain in his heart than I hold in mine, & he suffers much more than I do.

My lungs! They're still full of air! Even the air is encouraging me & saying that I'm still alive, fine & healthy, it will never give up on me, it's just waiting for me to get over this!!

Let's make the memory do its job, let it remind you the happy moments that you have ever experienced, I'm pretty sure they're endless!! So don't let this horrible thing that happened to you deprive you of enjoying more happy moments, because you do deserve more!!

Look at your friends & the ones who love you, think how horrible they would feel when they know you committed that aweful crime, & they would even feel guilty & say: If I had shown him how much I loved him he would never think about killing himself.

Look at you!! You're courageous enough to get yourself killed and say goodbye to nice things in life, as the moon, the stars, the sky, food, music, people... How could a living person with a beating heart between his lungs get separated from these things? That needs a high degree of bravery, so how couldn't you have the courage to face your problems and try to solve them?

& Remember, mate, God is the one who gave you life, so he would be so angry with you if you take his right of taking lives back, so be certain that whatever you're running from in your life is better, because where ever you're going to won't be a better place!!

Please, when you feel that it is the end of the world for you, just go & sit in a corner of your room & spend a few hours weeping. Cry body & drop some tears, it's ok, & you'll feel relieved later trust me, because I know, that inside you there's still a thin ray of light, it's called hope, friend, hope...

Don't you ever say: "I'm tough I don't cry", that's absolutely wrong, well, obviously trying to make an end to your life in order to run from some troubles you're not capable of solving doesn't show any toughness!!

We keep our promises, people, so I promise & I give my word that I would never ever kill myself, because I have faith in god's mercy,& this faith gives me strength to believe that he won't let me down...


By: Nour El Houda Belhaouane

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Let's promise that we'll never ever commit suicide!!
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