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Multiple Personality Disorder

User Thread
 26yrs • M •
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Multiple Personality Disorder
I had a experience a while back and I forgot about it, but just a week or two back one of my friends, Paul, asked me about the theory of the mind and the brain being two different entities and that the mind only uses the brain as a channel into the body.

So I thought a bit about it and remembered the experience and the experience was that late one night I stood up from the cough and walked to the TV, when I arrived at the TV I opened the DVD and before I took out the DVD I was gone, everything went black completely, and what seemed like a instant thing turn out to not be.

When I came back I was fully awake and it was not like when you pass out and you return tired, and a hole minute passed without me in my body, and the moment I was back I noticed I was about 2 meters away from where I was before the dark and I was on the ground not standing up.

So now when the theory was presented to me I though maybe I experienced my mind disconnecting with my body and, and when I watched a Oprah show about multiple personality disorder I though that maybe I disappeared and someone else came through because on Oprah the women said that if a new personality arrives it is like she goes to sleep and everything is just black until she returns.

Therefore maybe the mind and the brain is not the same thing but indeed separate things. And I can conclude that the mind that operates completely outside the universe, therefore that saying of mind over matter can literally mean that the mind is not matter but something much greater able to do any and everything.

Therefore what I am saying is if we stop putting limits on everything we can open the mind to be much more powerful than matter and therefore matter fall in complete control of the mind therefore everything is possible just by imagining it and putting it in the universe with the mind or just to escape the universe to be free of human desire, hereby becoming dead and godlike.

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"Life is interesting but the universe rules."
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Multiple Personality Disorder
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