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Is There No End?

User Thread
 48yrs • M •
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Is There No End?


Pentatiuch, and Talmud-o-philes


Is there no end...?

NO Zen Master can achieve mastery without having bested the juxtapositionings, and the paradoxial natures of that which he or she has been exposed to master...

so how is it that really indoctrinated and educated religiousity can continue in the pretentions that there is no understanding?

OUR Faiths, tend to lead to non-completion, or a mystery, the very foundations of their respective faiths?

why contemplate the three in one?

isn't it obvious that we comprise the totality?

Or is it so conclusive, that, some do and others don't make up the whole, that.....

we misunderstand....continually as long as

we continue to believe?

if BELIEF is the Accomplishment, then consideration of our minds' content is transient.... or ever changing

the consistency of the Supreme is the Ever Changing, constantly

filling oneself, with the real and constant, or that which appears unchangeable, is more familar than untruth....

Also, lines and borders should dissolve, as minds attribute to the truth...
that which is immutable... or recurring enough to give our limited experience the sense of permanence and solidity

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"\\\"The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise\\\" - Shakespear"
Is There No End?
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