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Inherited Status and Retarded Development

User Thread
 48yrs • M •
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Inherited Status and Retarded Development
Growing up in the Sub-burbs of America gave me a unique peek into the effect of inherited status

no matter how cliche'... it was a clear view

the incredible individuals that created the wealth of these families... well they must have been as rare as Conrad Hilton, and their decendents of less than 3 generations show none of the brilliance...

about how Paris Hilton would compare to her trailblazing ancestor...

In instances like hers, there are other family members with the where-with-all to keep the family fortune together...

in the absence of the intellect, they afford teams of handlers to ensure the company for future generations....

and if leadership falls to some adle-brained descendent... there are contingencies in place to limit the impact of such a one, even to retire them with a vote of no confidence...

No, we shouldn't strip them bare of their wealth... just put em out to pasture... like Paris Hilton... a talentless hack of a woman, with a girl sized brain and of course the morality of a hooker from the French Quarter of New Orleans, instead of any type of idealistic debutant...

here's the question....

Given the retarded development of the elite, through inherited status and the power and protection it affords the least qualified descendents....

where is the protection for those affected by such power ill applied...


Since inheritence of class or status ellimnates the very needs that inspired the wealth situation or excellent solution of the ancestor

the inheritor loses

then the development begins to be retarded by the lack of needs...

as we have developed a general independence from the labor of the farms... through the industrialization and so on...

what we would expect is that if the original need ever arose again, this class of inheritor will flounder and fail..

like if Paris Hilton had to rebuild the Hoterl Empire that fuels her embarrasing behaviors...
she's not that kind of talent... I think we've seen all her talents...

and she's strange looking... awkward face and body like yellowing spaghetti... nothing personal Paris... just working out this idea...

What should those people do with the Inheritors of status class and privilege, if they are in positions of political power instead...


what do we do with retarded leaders?

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"\\\"The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise\\\" - Shakespear"
Inherited Status and Retarded Development
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