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Constructs of God.

User Thread
 42yrs • M
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Constructs of God.
Once there was a religion who had different ideas about a well known god.
They said God was everything. Every rock, every branch, every star in the sky was akin to the flesh of God. He existed in, and was the very stuff that all things were comprised of.
Killing another human being, was blighting God himself.
Being made of God ourselves, the way we chose to be in the world, directly affected the nature of God, but could not alter it wholly. God is possessed of boundless love, and therefore cannot hate even that which harms him or his flesh.
However, God was an entity unto himself, impermeable and solid. He was forever loving, forever present, wrathful and kind.
On the other side of this was an affront to God, a disease, a separate force in the universe. Being of the same stuff it was nothing that God would extinguish. Instead good and evil were born. Good men were to act an an immune system against this infection. It could be culled, but never cured. It could spread, but never consume all things.
I have understood it to be like, God is an organism, the evil force is cancer, and sentient life is like stem cells.
I also understood of my reading that there wasn't necessarily a grand definite point or specific end to existence. Everyone and everything was just along for the ride, God taking notes unless something went so awry that his 'flesh' needed medical attention.

What is the construct of God you(or your upbringing) have chosen?

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Constructs of God.
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