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Industry and aristocracy

User Thread
 71yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that cswriter is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Industry and aristocracy
I am going to start making threads that begin with a quot from Tocqueville's "Democracy in America". I am also making my own rule about post I will read and reply to, and post I will ignore. If someone writes on the subject, I will gladly read and respond. If someone writes about me, assuming what I think and what I know or do not know, or what I think is best, etc. I will ignore the post. In other words, write as though you were doing an assignment in school. No one tries to get a good grade by turning in a paper that tells the teacher everything he thinks is wrong with her, instead being focused on the subject. Not that I am a teacher, but neither am I willing to be the subject of attacks. I use the example of doing school papers, only so there is model of a good reply.

Tocqueville's book was published in 1835, when people worked 12 hour days or more, 7 days a week, and they did not have unions. Obviously things have improved since then, but really how much?

This is what Tocqueville has to say about "How an Aristocracy May Be Created by Manufactures"

"When a workman is unceasingly and exclusively engaged in the fabrication of one thing, he ultimately does his work with singular dexterity; but, at the same time, he loses the general faculty of applying his mind to the direction of the work. He every day becomes more adroit and less industrious; so that it may be said of him, that, in proportion as the workman improves, the man is degraded. What can be expected of the man a man who has spent twenty years of his life in making heads for pins? and to what can that mighty human intelligence, which has so often stirred the world, be applied to him, except it be to investigate the best method of making pins' heads? When a workman has spent a considerable portion of his existence in this manner, his thoughts are forever set upon the object of his daily toil; his body has contracted certain work habits, which it can never shake off: in a word, he no longer belongs to himself, but to the calling which he has chosen. It is in vain that laws and manners have been at pains to level all the barriers round such a man, and to open to him on every side a thousand different paths to fortune, a theory of manufactures more powerful than manners and laws binds him to a craft, and frequently to a spot, which he cannot leave: it assigns to him a certain place in society, beyond which he cannot go: in the midst of universal movement, it renders him stationary.

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"Only when democracy is defended in the classroom is it defended."
 48yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Adam Seth God is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Bless and Curse NOT...!

The Cloth recognizes each other among the mass... the uniform is the Awareness, and the reality it lends itself to...

Why do I go this way to begin ?

because, religion is like employment of the masses in these days...

Bringing the philosophy or substance and ethics-driven morality up to or down to the modern expression, requires me to draw this analogy...

the decay

the degredation of the quality of the inheritor's.... who now rule due to the deferance and at the unwitting behest of the mass of workers who service the Intellectual and the Business Class of Americans....

your quote is priceless in this effort

the NEW

"Opiate of the People"

Is ! Work... The Unions lost their efficacy in my lifetime, my father was a who made tires.... he struck out, supported industry and the common man's right to make good on his effort,

his hard knocks

The Blood Sweat and Tears accomplished little in regard to impressions... his effort made millions

billions really, once we calculated men of similar ilke....

Nafta, it insued... without delay or derailment...

The overspecialization of unskilled labor required him to make a way out of no way...

My father went into business for himself with a third form education from a third world economy...


But in a land where there was no rule against re-inventing oneself... as an American,

regardless of economy or circumstance and timing

I think the American Model has changed along the way, to where there is no Inherited Status or "Class"


The Accomplishment for the Genius Savant, is to flow with the change of importance...

once Money was the most power

Influence came to pre-emminence over time.... near history of the early America... after revolt

Physical Force is a last resort IF! one is civilized...

I believe the world of man rotates these equidistant forces of Power among themselves which are highest

So the age old and respected man of his own means

The man by his own bootstraps

The Gentlemens' gentleman, and the Mans' man... have all gone

the way not of the dodo, but of Reincarnation...

The effort it seems is as follows:
My Father taught me that there are several forms of "Class" in human social order..

1 The Intellectuals
2 The Intellectuals create the Business Class
3 The Business Class creates the Military Class to protect the
Intellectuals and the Business Class
4 All the others serve them


a Class system that refuses to be broken.. and will forever be organized

whether society is organized by those that got there first or last is irrevelent to my understanding of my father...

as he says

"Dwayne, there's a system in place. You have to learn to work the system."

I tend to add:

"Or it will work you over."

in summation, i'd say that, "I guess I'm cut from a different cloth."
thanks for posting and reading my own...

hope you see this
because, of course, I enjoyed this.

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"\\\"The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise\\\" - Shakespear"
Industry and aristocracy
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