I have great faith in fools - my friends call it self-confidence. (Edgar Allen Poe) - Attolia
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everything is possible..

User Thread
 36yrs • F •
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everything is possible..
i never believed i could ever get scammed and i was,more than once.maybe
because i thought magic or spiritualism couldn't attract scams,i thought it
was a field out of bounds because it was supposed to be a pure art.i had
lots of problems and i wanted a quick solution to them,maybe i was
mistaken..my marriage,money problems got worse a i moved from psychic to
psychic,i had huge dept,my marriage was heading the wrong direction,my
children hated me,my life was loosing its touch..it got to a point where i
thought of killing myself,at least i would be free..i met a spell caster
online,he didn't look real,he had a funny name,he didn't even have some
information like website,blog address but just a common mail address was all
he had...i played along while i had contacted the police,i had learnt my
lessons and it was time to get someone..i had lost all hope in everything
and every one but in the midst of everything,a miracle happened,MAGIC
happened..i guess i never really thought magic was actually real,i just had
hope it was..a month as gone by and everything is normal and more,my family
is back together,i have a new job,paid a huge part of my dept..i guess there
are scams every where,no more boundaries...magic or the power to wield it
still exist but in the right hands..i hope someday soon,we wouldn't face
scams,we would be free to do anything,trust anybody.....i wish scam never
existed,wasn't created because its for evil and damned...

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"love is life"
everything is possible..
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