True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be. - UNKNOWN
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What would I Die For? Heaven (Forbid)

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 36yrs • M •
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What would I Die For? Heaven (Forbid)
In a world shorn of the soothing sooth of God, in a midday sky with a star but no sun, in an age when the telly is man's telos - what do we say? - that Nietzsche was perhaps right? - that Camus was perhaps on to something? - that God is dead? - that suicide is the only serious philosophical question?

These questions should be answered dishonestly or not at all.

Then again, this may not be an impasse. Perhaps man will shake off his lethargy, walk in the hour of maturity, and create his own values. (Constructivism). We live for:- others. We love:- others; and only ourselves secondarily. Or: perhaps, as Aristotle thought, we are rational first, bipeds second. Perhaps all the the scientific imperialism which bedevils modern life is in fact an unalloyed good; perhaps knowledge, whether empirical, logical, or mounted entirely on speculation, is a pearl beyond price; perhaps, to skate on even thinner ice, we are, in our depths, "knowers"; perhaps we balk at Nozick's experience machine because nothing could be worse than being systematically fooled; and perhaps abstruse matters of cosmology are of interest precisely for this reason, to say nothing of history, and philosophy, and literature.

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What would I Die For? Heaven (Forbid)
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