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Extra Dimensions for Senses

User Thread
 43yrs • M •
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Extra Dimensions for Senses
The lights behind our eyelids, dreams, intuitions, imaginations, plans...

They're all candidates for the mind working with information in extra dimensions... (At least, by a theory I've been contemplating).

Basically they interact with information coming from the three dimensions we're familiar with, but move around independent of those three...

It's as if information from the first three do little to affect the extra dimensions directly, and tend to do so through consciousness. I guess I believe that makes them possibly considerable as being in different (set of) dimensions...

I've even been focusing mental energy/imagery around these extra dimensions, used to try to help center myself.

(Have you heard of much like this before? or, Do you have any thoughts here? - I do prefer a short answer over links posted, but feel free to post links anyway.)

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Extra Dimensions for Senses
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