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Last of the good memorys and smiles of summer

User Thread
 29yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that ParallelShabba is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Last of the good memorys and smiles of summer
I got a postcard from you, it read your having good times without me and your new friends know how to live. I knew that somehow our petty little dreams wouldn't go far.
Faithfullness in fairy tales and washed out dreams, sunsets never felt the same when you said goodbye to me. Feel free to put the lights on, its been awhile since I've payed the bills though, been saving my money for some running shoes to run away from here.
I can't come back home from then on in cus these words read something scary for the both of us, its the end of an era our childish pacts didn't mean a thing to you or him.

Hey maybe we'll cross paths in the year 2012 when arguments have been washed away, maybe just maybe the rain will wash away these stains from my clothes. There's blood sweat and tears on the sleeves, I poured all of it in there trying to make this thing work to your needs.

Words on the ceiling of both past and present, I swear this is it now its the end of hope and smiles. I hate hoping for sun on these rainy days sitting at my window waiting for my chance to shine. I can't believe that its ending this way now your hazy eyes are swelling up, but why on earth do you care since your the reason behind my anger?

Forget me now its not like we have a choice you changed and moved on from silly games and antics that left us with a broad smile, and now its crooked on your face behind that smeared makeup and tiny skirts that make you so appeling to everyone else. You know I can't give you what you need, even though you said you wouldn't be happy without me.

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"If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create violence"
 29yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that ParallelShabba is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Since last year I've changed inside and out, torn away the cocoon that hindered my vision, I'm like a moth to a flame searching for new beginings. nothing makes much sense anymore not that it did back when I was young. The truth of the matter is that my insides are on fire and my brains a time bomb I'm losing my sense of direction. I gave to you the anwsers that were fed to me I don't know if it were truth or lie I never stopped biting my tounge to ask. Ash in the face as my father fell away I don't remember him or the that side of the family tree. 3 years have been spent in time and space looking for anwsers just for me, sometimes I just think your in it for the money and not the glory of being alive. You've got a gift and not used it.

Only wise men feed the poor and beggars like you get nothing, maybe its for the best I don't know you if not I might snap under the pressure of being in your presence, the stench of your failure runs deep in the air. God forbid that you fall asleep with your eyes open I don't want you to witness this.

Is it truth or lie that sends you my way? Either way I know where I belong, its with someone I've never met or knew. But they've got a heart and thats a damn sight more than you

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"If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create violence"
 29yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that ParallelShabba is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Check my vital signs, I stopped breathing for a few steep moments. It was just enough to see the light on the other side.
Mountains and blue skys keep me above the clouds, just like the sound of your voice. You crept into my life but nothing makes me more satisfied with all this change.
Its just simple steps that lead me to puring my soul out. My confidence is a constant train wreck. How selfish of me, to think I can take my time, I'm just scared of what I'll find.
Its this distance between lust and love that has got me stuck wondering why your still here. Its to good to be I swear. Too easy on the eyes and too heavy on the heart I'm just not one of those romatics. I'm on my way to a coast line not to far from here, I'm getting homesick just thinking of these new landscapes. I'm to far away to catch a whisper in the wind. I feel misplaced so deeply misplaced. Oh what a time to fall for you, summers closing in and I'm on the top of the world, if you line me up for the fall back south I'll fall fast awake tonight.

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"If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create violence"
 29yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that ParallelShabba is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I remember like yesterday, I've had the time of my life
I hope I give you yours
I won't leave without a singular wave or brush of the cheek
Its the stroke of midnight and I'm holding you closer to me
Holding on to the night sky and rest of my world
No goodbyes are needed all I need is another glance
From this distance I could travel back and breathe with you
Somethings telling me I'm onto something good
I'll hold on for you if you'll hold fast for me
Your keeping me awake with the though of your smile
I lay with a straight line of what I want
There's a blurred line between lust and love, I'm on the latter
Keep me in a breeze of your wishful thinking
And we'll go so far we won't stop smiling
We'll go so far that I won't stop wishing
Wishing that this is for real and that I'm not in a dream of mine
Drive our memorys into the evening air
A keep sake for us both I swear
I've never felt a single doubt, and I never will I swear
And I swear to go to the edge of the earth for us
For my last moments I'll tell you how I feel
With a shiver down my back and a whisper in my ear
You love and I love our favourite things
But promise me that I'll have you and thats the way I want it to be

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"If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create violence"
 29yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that ParallelShabba is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
And these are tales from the open road, oh the sights I have seen. I'd send you a postcard but chances are that you've seen better.
Crossed out another shooting star. another night on my car roof with a guitar and a note to say I love you
We can fake it just for one night but I can't fake this for life. The airwaves are singing our favourite song. This would never seem so strange but I'm so hopefully hopeful and I can't put my finger on what this is
This record is skipping over tracks that scream I love you
We can listen for hours but we can't listen for now
Its tiem for me to pack my things and move out from this surreal living space
But just know that when you come back I'll be waiting with open arms and the postcard you once wanted
Light a match to light up the sky and the stars will blink for you

For You

And nothings as eays as staying bed all of the day
And nothing screams I love you better than a slap in the face and a crease in my bedsheet
Two timing chemistry is what we've experimented with
Oh you know that this is bad for me and bad for you
But we're addicted to chemicals in our blood streams and makeup stains on my pillow case
You look so good in red I really must say
I really must say
This is a surprise for you
Your awake and up for somethign but nothings as easy as they say on TV
For the corpses in the cloest I'll sing this funeral march
The funeral march for my heart on the ballroom floor from my puke stained prom and your blood stained prom dress
And nothings as easy as the celebritys says

Easy as they say
Their not as elegant as theyre made ou to be
As you stand on your window ledge, pleading for whats hisn ame to take you rrigh tthere and then
The boys want the girls
And the girls want the money
But the stars just want the sex and drugs
Their contracts are signed to the hearts and their hearts signed to a lie
Its just false pretenses that lead the youth of today
But nothing is as easy as laying with them apart from lieing with me
Yes lieing with me

With me
With me you know, you know, you know
I'm your number one fan
And you look so good in red, so good in red
and nothing is as easy as laying in bed all day with your TV on and your sister on the window ledge screaming for whats his name
Its a fairy tale of Suburbia
Its make believe story to tell your child and its horror story for you and me

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"If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create violence"
Last of the good memorys and smiles of summer
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