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Solve mystery of life through meditation

User Thread
 46yrs • M •
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Solve mystery of life through meditation
Majority of the people in the world are unaware of their goal in life. In other words, they have no idea why they came into world and what is the aim of their life. The truth behind this unknown mystery is that every human being in born to do some spiritual tasks in their lives, that is, they have spiritualistic goals. Once you are able to discover and become aware of these goals your purpose of life becomes known, it is up to you how you achieve your goals in life. Meeting these spiritual goals is not a simple task from any individual's point of view.

One is required to practice meditation to be in a position to attain these goals. You can start learning meditation by going through fundamental techniques of meditation consisting of breathing exercises and focusing on your inhaling and exhaling of breath. Some people are able to master meditation through these techniques and consequently meet their spiritual goals. On the other hand, there are people who suffer from poor concentration and are thus unable to concentrate on their breath. Osho designed active meditation techniques involving movements of the body such as dancing and stretching for such people to enable them to achieve their spiritual purpose of life.

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 27yrs • M •
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i believe the soul purpose of living is to carry on the human stain of disorder and chaos

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 43yrs • M
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I have heard this many times now.

What I have to ask you is if you know of anyone personally who feels that they have reached knowledge of their "goal in life" through meditation.

Rather than their perpetual seeking of it.

And have you ever noticed how much it is those encroaching on their midlife or towards their final descension towards death that they take up such practices, mentalities, and espousings?

It seems to me that it is those who aren't hasseled with the burden of fending for themselves in a very direct manner that seem to take this posistion to begin with.

But feel free to elaborate and or correct me for I am very curious of the subject.

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Solve mystery of life through meditation
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