Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. - Susan Ertz
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Tears in Rain

User Thread
 39yrs • M •
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Tears in Rain
"All those moments. Will be lost in time. Like tears in rain."

I can so relate to this. Its how I have felt since as long as I can recall. I don't understand how I can live such an aware, beautiful life and feel such amazing things... and yet know that one day it will all end. All be washed tears in the rain.

I will never be able to reconcile this feeling. Maybe it makes me appreciate life more than others. Or maybe it doesn't matter in the end.

All I know is I too have seen things, and been forever changed by them. And all I can do is appreciate my perception and my awareness and my ability to feel what so many others cannot.

Until the rain, like a season changing, washes away that which came before, to make way for that which has to come. And that which has to come will have its time to see those things too.

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"When I was a child I flew! Then as an adult- I watched others soar."
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Tears in Rain
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