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Revelation X111 by Ephraim

User Thread
 55yrs • M •
michael777 is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Revelation X111 by Ephraim
To anyone searching for a logical answer to Bible Prophecy, this letter is for You.

I would like to make a couple things very clear before I begin. These are interpretations from a Christian perspective. They are not intended in any way to be antisemitic. Furthermore, I believe the Jewish people have every right to live within secure boundaries and be independent.

In general, this is a letter that summarizes all of Revelation 13. Its purpose is to show the sequence of events which formed the conclusions in the letter entitled, "The Beast of Revelation 13 is Mahmoud Abbas." Revelation 13 is a puzzle, a parable whose pieces are only revealed through the progress of time. This letter will attempt to bring all the pieces together into one narrative. Since questions concerning prophecy never change and answers never change, this summary will answer almost any question.

Nevertheless, I will continue to be in disagreement with the majority because they do not have the will or the knowledge to admit they promote a false interpretation. The interpretation I am eluding to is the Revived Roman Empire theory. This scenario has been a dead end for years. I must admit though before WWI it had some validity. No ancient interpreter could have known that the Ottoman Empire would break into so many different sovereign states. Until the fall of the Ottoman empire the only possible answer seemed to be Europe. I apologize if this narrative moves too fast. It is assumed that those reading this page are somewhat versed in Revelation. HERE WE GO.

In reference to Revelation 13:1- The Beast rising up out of the sea is the Nation of Israel as it appears after the SIX DAY WAR in 1967.

What is meant by the term Beast? In general, most interpretations have this concept correct. According to most scholars he is the leader of ten nations. When the term Beast is used it can mean either the nations or the leader of those nations. It is the countries he leads and his location that is in dispute.

My interpretation of Rev. 13:1 is as follows:

The Beast can be either a group of seven nations that will wage war, which include Israel or the leader of those nations. In this case, that leader is Mahmoud Abbas. He is identified by his actions and the number 666. The glue that binds them together is Islam and their hate for Israel. This was the outcome of the 1967 war. It brought Israel into a permanent state of conflict with all of her neighbors. The beast was born in 1948 with Israel declaring its independence. A closer look can be seen in Rev.17. When Israel declared its independence, five nations went to war with her and five were vanquished. The word used for vanquished is fallen in verse Rev. 17:10. "And one is", this is Israel. Israel won her war of independence. The other that had not yet come is the Palestinian Authority, which brings us to Rev.13:1 again. The misinterpretation of Rev.17 has been the most responsible for the the Revived Roman empire theory.

The beast rising up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns is as follows. Seven heads are seven mountains as indicated in Rev.17. Ten horns are ten kings. This is a partial explanation of this parable. The most critical word here is the word head. If the correct meaning is applied to the word head its answer will make sense. In scriptures a mountain has two meanings. It can be either a mountain range or a nation. In this case when a head is referenced in Revelation 13:1 we are talking about nations. This applies to both the heads of Rev.13:1 as well as the beasts mortal head wound. The mortal head wound is the nation or land as claimed by the Palestinians. It is the beasts head (nation) that is wounded. The Beast is Mahmoud Abbas. It was mortally wounded in the Six Day War and has been revived in the Oslo Accords. The beast of Revelation 17 and Revelation 13 are the same because they involve the same countries.

Every theory must have a good foundation. This sequence of events can only point to one individual. I have been writing about these events for over a decade. If I had been wrong from the beginning, this scenario could not have made it all the way to its finish. As it was I had no idea that I was looking for a date, 6/16/06. I was just following the money trail. Was it a coincidence that the policy which enabled them to buy and sell and the date 666 occurred on the same day? I don't think so.

It is always wise to search for the best answer. Who could fault someone for changing there mind when a better answer comes along? It is not dishonor to correct a mistake, but to continue giving false information especially in the realm of prophecy is dishonorable. Maybe some truly believe what they are saying, as for me I quit the big money preachers long ago. A hundred years ago I could understand, 20 years ago I could understand, not today...This is why the Lord will come as a thief. They're all looking in the wrong place...

One last item needs to be mentioned here before I finish my complaint against our so-called prophecy teachers. It is a gross misinterpretation which needs to be cited. For some reason anytime the Beast is discussed he is immediately confused with Satan or the antichrist. Satan is not the Beast. He is in heaven right now. He will be cast out of heaven as per Revelation 12 or if you prefer 2nd Thess. chap. 2. The falling away is Satan and his angels being cast out of heaven. These are two different verses that say the same thing. Satan can only be revealed to the world after the Rapture of the Church. Christians will not go through the Great Tribulation which will last for 3.5 years. Satan will be a God to the Muslims. He is also known as the Mahdi. Mahmoud Abbas will also be worshipped to a lesser degree because he will have achieved his goal, the conquest of Jerusalem...Ephraim aka michael777

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 48yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Sorceress is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I don't really understand what you just wrote but I wrote this poem after reading revelations and I thought I would put it here. It will probably get deleted but well I think it is a relevent post to go with this thread. It is entitled 'seven' for obvious reasons.

Seven lamps are burning bright,
Seven spirits reveal their light,
Seven colours of the rainbow's hues,
Seven chances to hear God's news.

Seven horns and seven eyes,
Behold the lamb who never dies,
Worthy he to take up the book
And loose the seals and take a look.

Seven seals are opened,
Seven fates abound,
Seven angels carry them,
Seven trumpets sound.

The seventh day is over
He has rested for a time,
The lamb has opened all the seals
And let God's power shine.

Seven golden candlesticks
The churches of his faith,
Seven stars of mystery
His angels full of grace.

Both proclaim his majesty
And sing in joyful praise
With seven notes of prophecy
Unto the end of days.

Seven voices thunder,
Seven secrets to proclaim,
Not to be sent asunder
But in John's pure heart remain.

Until the seventh angel
Pours out the seventh vial,
Containing our Lord God's holy wrath
His plague of fiery hail.

Across the seven continents,
Across the seven seas,
Past the seven wonders
of the world the angel flees.

To smite the seven mountains,
To smite the seven kings,
To smite the seven headed beast
With seven crowns of sin.

Forget the seven pillars,
Forget the seven steps,
This isn't seventh heaven,
You're not in heaven yet.

Seven years it took for Solomon
To build the house of God,
Seven days of respite
Noah had before the flood.

And only seven pairs of beasts
With clean and holy lives
And only seven pairs of birds
That flew in all the skies

Could enter in the holy ark
And start a whole new life,
Could pass unharmed through the storm so dark
And start again with pride.

([i][u]there is a verse missing here becuse I changed it and I can't find it at the moment - sorry!)

Seven times did Naaman
Throw himself into the river,
Again it was Elisha's prayer
That cured that fateful leper.

Seven saintly virtues,
Seven deadly sins,
Seven chances to prove your worth
And a new path so begins.

It leads into the garden
Where the tree of life it stands,
Where you can ask God's pardon
And go forth into his heavenly hands

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""Each child holds the world in an open hand to mould it into any shape they choose.""
 55yrs • M •
michael777 is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Sorceress that poem was wonderful. You have a very special gift.
It said more to me than a thousand pictures. Michael777

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Revelation X111 by Ephraim
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