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Harry the Troll

User Thread
 61yrs • M •
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Harry the Troll
Once Upon a time, in a land far, far away;
Lived a troll name Harry, who lived across the way;

He lived under a bridge and stopped every one that passed;
Telling them the toll for crossing the bridge was to kiss his *ss;

Everyone in the village and far as you can see;
Was starving in their homes, because no one would pay the fee;

One day a Knight rode into the village with Armor made of steel;
Seeing the starving village and wanting it to heal;

They told him of the troll who would not let them pass;
He said 'I will save the village and kiss the trolls *ss!'

The Knight rode to the bridge and was back in no time flat;
The village then ask, 'Did you kill the troll?",
the Knight said, 'Didn't think of that!'

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Harry the Troll
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