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story i wrote a while back...

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 44yrs • M •
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story i wrote a while back...
Transcendence of the Ikhnaton

Once upon a time I was walking down a crowded street and suddenly a tiger came and slashed the back of my head. I fell unconscious to the ground. I began to dream

I was falling through eternal purpleness. There were pink spheres floating aimlessly throughout the endless expanse of purple. I began to will my body to float closer to these curious orbs. They began fluctuating as if calling to me. I moved toward one with great speed. The pink made a small opening as I arrived. I tilted forward and glided into the appealing hole. Within there were thousands of miniature elephants; they massaged me as I lay amongst them. From every surface magenta lasers emanated towards me. With ever laser I became more intelligent. The lasers were carrying information to my brain. I asked myself, 'but where are these wondrous beams originating?' I pondered the thought inexorably. Finally, I came to a conclusion, the lasers originated from a three-eyed extra terrestrial race of aliens known as the Ikhnaton. The Ikhnaton are a time transcendent race that guide the universe by enforcing rationality. They send massive intelligent lasers all throughout the universe that impart logic into our minds; I was one of the lucky ones who received an overdose of this mystically transported information. I figured that since these ideas had come so easily to me that they too were part of the information communicated by the lasers.

'How did these lasers transmit information?' I questioned myself. The answer was simple; all visible things are not of this time or reality. They are a superimposition of stimulus material. Behind each visible superimposition is the core existence. The core existence radiates lasers carrying the information. The lasers are not visible because they are hidden and distorted by the superimposed false reality. The hidden lasers expelled by the core existence are like a language. Unfortunately the human mind can't decipher the specifics of the language being told. Thus, the human mind substitutes its own falsifications of the meaning of every laser. When we look at objects we see just what they are on the surface. This creates a misinterpretation of the true meaning. Here the Ikhnaton takes action. These beings have super advanced third eyes on the center of their forehead. This eye acts like an all powerful ear that listens only to the language of the core reality. The Ikhnaton also have the ability to telepathically communicate with other beings. Some people are told by the Ikhnaton to assist in the spread of rationality and true existence. I am one of those persons.

After realizing all of these things I referred back to the myriad of petite elephants sophisticatedly massaging my body. They began to telepathically communicate with me. They were urging me to help them break free of the sphere. They told me that they would help me escape the purple abyss. Being curious of what lay beyond the seemingly endless expanse of purple, I was more than happy to help in liberating the poor miniscule elephants. We organized ourselves and moved in one giant sweeping motion from one side of the sphere to the other, smashing through to the void. Having fulfilled my duty, I was entitled to the assistance of the elephants. Like a school of fish, they began floating away deeper into the chasm, toward what they said to be the exit. Our telepathic link was still strong and I could feel their anticipating excitement for what was to come. In the far distance I saw a magnificent tarantula. He was suspended in front of an enormous amethyst vortex. The elephants began telling me to assist in destroying the tarantula and pass outward through the vortex. Being a kind-hearted gentleman it pained me greatly to think of slaughtering a majestic arachnid such as this. The elephants felt my concern and grew maliciously angry with me. This startled me greatly. The situation began to seem suspicious. Finally the spider spoke to me.

'Fear not my noble child, for I am Llothe, the spider god. Pay no heed to these foolish elephants, they are unwise and have knowingly misguided you to the Vortex of Bereavement.'

Having telepathically heard me processing the spider's words, the elephants scurried in all directions. I could hear their thoughts expressing great shame and humiliation as they fled. Immediately, the spider shot a web snaring many of the undersized elephants into a web-prison. Llothe then shaped the prison into a small pair of pants and tossed it to me.

'Put that on, human.' He commanded me.

Doing as he told I slipped the fine pants on and instantly felt the sweet massage of the apologetic elephants. 'But what is next of dear Llothe' I inquired. The great spider god telepathically commanded me to mount him and await further instruction. I docilely obeyed my new god, Llothe.

I opened my eyes and heard a low growl. The ground was gleaming with hot blood. The sun beat down on my neck and I felt infectious blisters rising from the epidermis. I stood up and turned defensively to face the tiger. My memory returned in a great wave of nausea. My head hurt so dreadfully. And then I remembered the dream. It had been so real! This pain in my head can't possibly be from the tiger. The laceration was on my neck but the pain was on the top of my skull. I felt as if my head would burst. I fell to one knee in dizzying agony, the excruciation over coming me. My veins flared beyond vascular normality. My head was throbbing as it expanded miles every moment. My vision blackened. I began to heave. This is the death I've been so patiently awaiting, the end of constant inner turmoil, no more arguments with myself; no more decision. I shot up on both legs and arched my back violently. And then at last at the apex of my final dying exhaled shriek, my head split. Starting from the top my elliptical dome, a crack appeared. Like an earthquake on the surface, my body began to fracture. Finally a form began forcing its way through my innards. Bystanders gasped, questioning this disturbing humanic defilement, this vile maltreatment of an undeserving vessel. The figure reached outward with unbelievable strength. A spider arm shot from my former mouth. And then another from my stomach. My body fell to pieces as each of the spider's giant limbs forced themselves out. Then a human hand. Women and children cowered in unimaginable horror. And then it was over just as quickly as it had begun. There I was mounted on my gracious god Llothe, new but the same. The spider, my mount, slowly turned to face the courageous tiger. Llothe stood 8 feet above the tiger. One of Llothe's legs weighed equal to the tiger itself. I knew the tiger didn't stand a chance against a mighty foe such as Llothe. Llothe extended his two three foot fangs, beckoning the tiger to strike. The tiger having no power against Llothe's infinitely compelling will, leaped onward. It was swatted like a fly from the air by one of Llothe's front legs. The tiger lay on the ground quickly dying as it convulsed in its last spasms of life. Llothe then kicked the tiger into the air and caught him with his fangs. Now he began to viciously consume the tiger. Oh merciless God how I adore thee. My every thought streamed into Llothe's endless mind. He was pleased he had satisfied me. As our telepathic relationship grew more substantial, I began to grow in knowledge of all things, not just arachnids. I was merging minds with a god. The god.

Afterward, we left Mexico City and headed east to a small municipality on the Yucatan peninsula to set up camp for the hours of darkness. With the great swiftness of the majestic god, Llothe, we plunged through the quickly coming gloom. Soon we arrived at the small town of Tarasca, named for the indigenous people who had lived there long ago before Cortez. We found a secluded swamp, a common landscape within the Yucatan, and set up camp.

That night Llothe and I talked of our lives and what was to come. 'Enjoy your last hours of human walking my dear disciple.' Spoke the great one. 'What do you mean oh wondrous Llothe?' I curiously asked. I then, through a barrage of highly fluorescent varicolored beams of light learned his meaning. He imparted in my mind the information from these lasers, perfect laser language describing every thought. Tomorrow I was to begin my physical merge into Llothe. I was to become an Arachnosapien. I went to sleep that night knowing my life would be significantly altered the next morning. For an eternity.

I awoke; the sun was in fast arrival on the horizon. Llothe was there crawling from his web. I am going to feel what he feels and do what he does, I thought. This will be a lot different. Llothe stood before me his green striped legs sparkling with dew in the morning sun. I looked into his many black eyes and felt loving companionship instilled upon my being. I mounted the great spider. Llothe began to mumble in a tongue I hadn't heard before but understood perfectly. Our mental amalgamation was absolute; all thoughts combined. I felt as if invisible hands were resting on my shoulders as we moved through the forest. My body moved in perfect unison with Llothe's. Every bump caused no discomfort. The corporeal fuse had begun. I felt as time had slowed to half speed. Everything in slow motion, I wondered how it could be. Then within seconds, my endless mind pinpointed the answers, like a speedy librarian hustling through mountains of doctrines within an archive. The time lag was a result of endless intelligence. For every thought done by a customary human being with normal intelligence, I had thousands of thoughts. Like using a microscope I could see every detail of every second. I lived through many different thoughts and moods in such 'short' amounts of time. I had become one with God. I had transcended the linear temporal spectrum. I had been caught in between dimensions. A god, so intellectual it lived in two times at once, physically in one realm of existence, mentally in another. I had become Llothe.

After being dazed with astonishment, I returned from the alternate mental realm and began investigating my physical merging. My lower torso had melted into Llothe like a tree trunk to the ground. I was now Llothe in the physical sphere as well. I had felt no loss of control or anything. Was Llothe, the old Llothe, in control or was I? After thinking this over, I realized that there is no former me or former Llothe, there is no past creature maintaining dominance. There is one creature, an Arachnosapien Godhead microcosm.

I heard a loud obnoxious buzz. I awoke. 5:45 AM. Time for work... Wow what a dream, I'll write that one down. 'You have no need.' I heard a booming voice from within say. 'Who was that?' I thought. 'I am Llothe and I will be with you forever.'

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"if life has no point whats the point in talking about it?"
story i wrote a while back...
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