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A new spin on an old complaint...

User Thread
 35yrs • M •
englandsemo is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
A new spin on an old complaint...
For quite some time now I have been trying to figure out exactly why good girls love bad guys. I know this has come up at least once in your life. I always had this view on the topic that made sense to me until recently. I figured that it was a situational deal. You interpret good girls having jerk boys because as another guy your envious of them. Your analysis of their current situation is skewed slightly more negative than usual because of the way you feel about them. I also felt that this view could also be taken because only the girls with asshole guys complain about them. In turn you only hear about the bad relations making it seem as if a lot of good girls have bad guys. Its like hearing that a task is hard before you actually do it. The negative opinions expressed by the ones who failed at the task severely out weight the positive opinions of the ones who easily completed the task. When you hear negativity all the time it becomes a main association with the task at hand. You may, being the individual that you are, attempt the task and easily complete it on the first attempt. Maybe you'll fail and complain about it.

Before you start thinking the above is the way to tackle the concept that good girls like bad guys consider the following: Women love bad guys in the same way men love fast cars and contact sports. There is a sense of power and control involved that we all are thrilled by. By committing your time into a challenge there is the possibility of both failure and success. Very few things that come for nothing are worth while, unfortunately the same is with love and companionship. If she can tear down his walls, break into the bad ass shell she feels he posses then she wins. Turning him from insults to compliments shes able to display a higher power and is allowed to have things the way she wants them to be. It doesn't have to be to the extreme in which he obeys her every command but the relationship that was once one sided will be equal or reasonably to her favor. If she is unable to show control of the situation then she fails and retreats. This is when most of the he said, she said, stories are told and another girl dated an asshole.

Is failure really such a failure though?

Why would a girl want a nice guy with all that baggage?

Emotions. Free Time. Stress...

Why deal with all the hassle when all you want is passion,
excitement and fun?

You can't fail when you always have someone considered a jerk to blame the conclusion of the short lived relationship on. Its funny how society works too. When your out breaking hearts your considered a slut but when your with a bunch of assholes its all their fault you had to move on to the next one. If she is considered by society to be a cold hearted person or a bitch for lack of better words, then how will she ever obtain a good guy to start a family and grow old with? If she enjoys her youth and plays the game she has a much better chance of finding Mr. Right. Think about the possibilities of couples in the world, its endless. The chance of you finding the one person you could share the rest of your life with is slim enough. Ask someone what the going divorce rate is.

Why would anyone want to reduce those chances by any avoidable amount?

Okay you can all hate me now...

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"Our perspective is based on our past...whose in your past?"
A new spin on an old complaint...
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