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Boycott GE

User Thread
 61yrs • M •
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Boycott GE
Contact GE and let them know your intention:


I am outraged that your Network NBC has refused to let Kucinich in the Las Vegas presidential debate. It concerns me when networks decide our democracy for us by airing or refusing to air candidates for political office. As an American who has taken the oath 6 times to protect the constitution with my very life, I have decided to continue the fight against corporate anti Americanism who chose to silence those political candidates they disapprove of.

I will refuse to buy any GE products, post this on all of my blogs and send this out to my entire email book and ask everyone else to do the same until we are insured that NBC will give ALL political candidates equal coverage.


I am a Ron Paul supporter and no longer a democrat, however I think this is wrong, Kucinich and Ron Paul are good friends and really want the same things for America, they just have different ways of accomplishing their goal.

I find it strange when American's want this war to end, the only two candidates who promise to end this war are considered fringe politicians by our media. Does the media give the people what they want to see and hear or does the media shape what the people want to see and hear?

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Boycott GE
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