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6. The Truths that Keep Us Free

User Thread
 37yrs • M •
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6. The Truths that Keep Us Free
On one important Washington day,
a Senate historian was asked to say,
this the people's very own essay,
as a prayer for words they display.
The truths that keep us all free,
are there on the wall as you can see.
Three hollowed words to hold true,
shining like red, white, and blue.
And lest one finds it somewhat odd,
Patriotism is acknowledgement;
we are one nation under God.
Like the beginning of Wisdom,
which is the fear of His name.
So too be Courage or the strength,
to do right in the sight of the same.
In these truths exhausts all debate,
as unanimous consent cannot wait.
For in these truths we exonerate;
People's Liberties, small and great.
Thus triumphs Love over all who hate.
Did you like that poem? If so, try reading more of this author's works. He co-authored the book "College By Twelve" and there you can read how he and his wife raised their first four children to start college by the age of 12. Just go to www.collegebytwelve.com

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 48yrs • F •
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yes and?

I went to the link and it just wants you to buy a book, it doesn't really tell you anything about this family or why they would want their children to be in college by the age of 12. It says they are christians who home-school their children.... yes and?

I mean I would like to know why it would be so important for your child to be at college by twelve. Why is it so important these days for your child to be in some form of accelerated learning program christian or otherwise?

My three year old is reading and writing and having good conversations and I think is pretty intelligent for her age but I wouldn't want her not to go to school next September when she is due to start in reception class, because she would miss out so much from the experience of school.

So tell me why you feel the need to advertise this family and this book to us all here?

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""Each child holds the world in an open hand to mould it into any shape they choose.""
6. The Truths that Keep Us Free
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