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The Plight of the Iraqis

User Thread
 61yrs • M •
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The Plight of the Iraqis
I have been in contact with They are an organization created to help the Iraqis. I found them by accident when I was cleaning off dead links from my political blog. My section for Iraqi blogs gets smaller unfortunately, but on one of them I found this organization.

It is sad that we here in America don't really know what is going on over there, not that we don't care, but the news does not cover it.

So I sent them a message telling them that I couldn't help them financially as my wife has lost her job but that I would like to post news updates from Iraq on my many blogs as there are many here in America who are curious and we need to know. If the American people could see that our occupation over there is not helping them but instead hurting them, maybe more of us would demand that this bloody mess end.

They put me in contact with who is the mother of Tell Me A Secret who has been blogging since before the war. So far I have received this:

Dear All

yes, I am back home to Amman,
I cant tell you how much Iraqis are in Syria !
every where , Iraqis, more than here in Jordan,
yes, at least 4 millions of Iraqis left their homeland, how can we send them back home?
I think we all have to work together from many aspects, talking against the war, marching, sending donation for poor Iraqi families, talking against bush administration and their stupid policy in Iraq , they pushed, and still doing, the country to the
bad path, supporting corrupted leaders, stole the money of Iraqi people, killed them, kicked them out of their homes,
then he filled your mainstream media that everything is nice and going well in Iraq !
you all have to stop this lier and let him pull out his troops from Iraq,
leave Iraq for Iraqis , this is the solution of this crisis , as we Iraqis can see,..
in this mess, we are trying to help refugees from Iraqis here in Amman, the disaster is big, but through CRP , we are trying
to do the least we can do ,
God will ask each one of us : what have you done to help your brothers and sisters in Iraq ?
hope we can do something positive ,

all my best


And by the way, I sent them a donation, we do have a little extra money and I'm sure my wife would not mind if I share.

Mr. Powell said, if you brake it you bought it, but we can't offord it and it was never ours to buy, as Iraq was never up for sale, and why should it be bought with the blood of our soldiers and future poverty of our children.

I say if you brake it, you apologize, pay better attention next time and not do the same thing next time and help fix it. What Powell gave us was the pottery law and if only the Iraqis were pottery we could all feel better about this. What I give you is humanity and it seems our government needs to take a course in humanity, they have learned to much about taking money and profits.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
The Plight of the Iraqis
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