"Only God forgives. People punish forever!" - lauren52891
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Addicted to you

User Thread
 31yrs • F •
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Addicted to you
Get off of my mind, get out of my head.
Im just wasting my time, God I wish I was dead.
Why can't I leave you alone, why am I so addicted to you?
How do I stop feeling this way, what do I need to do?
I talk to God each day, but he doesn't answer my prayers.
My heart won't seem to heal, every time it tares.
I can't seem to depend on you... not anymore.
You treat me like Im nothing, except for a silent whore.
I can't believe I trusted you and everything you said.
I feel like such a fool, I was so mislead.
You used me like all the others, the ones who did me wrong.
This pain just hurts so bad, knowing that you're gone.

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""LIe to me",she whispered. "I love you",he said."
Addicted to you
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