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Mental Organisation…

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 43yrs • M •
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Mental Organisation…
Is it possible, given the fact that the same information can be placed in different areas of the brain in different people (or the same person at different times), that, we can choose where to place our information within the brain?

For example, I have a thought about the sight of a dog, where the information is mostly processed by the same areas each time. Can I then store the information relating to the sight of the dog in a different place within the mind?

I'm sure a lot of the same brain function is required with each vision, but I'm wondering if we can have any room to move on the topic. I also want to see if there are any opportunities to maximise my mental performance by guiding a thought to a particular area of the brain (for it's processing and storage).

One approach I have come up with is to recognise that the different areas of the mind I may use to process the information may both be working at the same time, and focussing on one area is just a matter of choosing the area I like of the two working options, and putting more effort in to the area I would desire to use more.

I imagine if this kind of mental work is possible, its something that takes place when you use particular mental techniques. Some techniques may (I think) include: mindfulness, meditation, hypnotism and the ability to choose.

I would love to know if anyone has heard of this kind of thing before and where.

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Mental Organisation…
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