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User Thread
 95yrs • M •
SeshendraSharma is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
The dim darkness-the diffused light-dimness of one merging into the other-
imparting more length to the long trees that are standing like stretched out
shadows wearing stars in their hair- silence is imparting more depth to the darkness
in this advaita where darkness is merged into silence, my mind wakes up,
now not only sound but even a ray of light is a violent disturbance to the proundness
of peace- in such moments deep truths unveil themselves-
now I realise it is not sound but in silence melody lives-

I am born out of flowers and silences- while passing my hand brushed against a flower,
I asked 'are you bruised? ' 'Me or you' smiling, the flower questioned back- the heart
of my pen broke and split blood; - I do not know which paper can bear this pen-

In the gigantic silences of forests, which touch the blue skies, the carpenter bird pecks
at the trunks of great trees which echo, far reaching sounds-
what can he do among the tiny crotons?

I ate days like fruits-now I eat drops of tears like grapes-frightened by the sun
took refuge under shades-sitting on the pavement eating dreams from eyes like ice cream
with spoons- measuring my life with dark evenings- I distributed my wealth
once with metres, now I scatter with handfuls my future
letting it fly in all directions-

I washed my heart in tears and dried it over poetry- walked past
wearing people on my body like shawls-
in the assemblies of flames; in countries abroad I raised my gypsy voice
and sang mixing earth and sky-
this country is the graveyard of my genius- however fast I walk
the distance remains the same. This land is thirsty for my blood,
it is snoring in the little shades of pigmy trees-
I picked my pen and dipped it in the sun
to write a summer song for my nation-
-Seshendra Sharma

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