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The Dual Processors and Permutative Thought

User Thread
 43yrs • M •
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The Dual Processors and Permutative Thought
If you consider how most disk drives work, basically one reading processor, the disk that is being read applies the programs within in a 'linear fashion'.
If you had two reading processors, you could apply the programs within in an 'ordered fashion'.
Basically what this means that the more readers that you have, the more options you have for ordering the programs or tasks. This makes things much more efficient, saves time and energy.
You can imagine the mind working like this, picking on stuff from here and there, and deciding to order one's actions based on priority, timing, and favour.
In addition to that, the mind also does something quite interesting... When we think of the options before us, we consider so many of the options and how they work together. There are so many permutations of how, when, where, and why we will act.
It can be clearly seen that a multi-processing mind would work hand-in-hand with permutative thought.

For example, consider that moment real early in the day where you tell yourself all that you have planned to do for the day... and you start thinking of all the possible ways and times you will do things... until finally you have an agenda and can go through the day mostly scripted...
Basically you have processed many actions from many different areas and considered the permutations until you start prioritising, timing and favouring particular ways the day should go, and what to do.

Again, knowing more about the mind is one step closer to expanding your mind. One thing is, that, you have the basic operations you need to focus on.

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 32yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that ChrisD is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
"Again, knowing more about the mind is one step closer to expanding your mind."

I completely agree. I think an important task, that frankly recieves relatively no thought whatsoever, is recognizing the functions and limitations of the human mind. An interesting way to go about this study would be through the use of LSD. It is not a conventional method, but with the research that has been done with it, the results could be remarkable. Robert Hoffman (the creator of LSD) stresses to this day (yes, hes 101 I think) that LSD could be used as a valuable tool in the study of the brain. It is still unknown exactly how LSD affects the mind, but because of its infantessimally small dosage and its monumentous affects on the mind, it could easily pinpoint exactly where and how the psychic parts of the brain function. Just something to think about.

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The Dual Processors and Permutative Thought
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