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Any new genre's of music?

User Thread
 33yrs • F •
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Any new genre's of music?
Are there any new genre's or types of music out there? I get the sense that everything is just being rehashed from old things. Older styles come up in a modified version. I'm not to informed about the music world (besides the annoying everywhere in your life top 40 world.)

If there are new genre's, or a genre you think few people know about, post links too.

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 32yrs • M •
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Well for one there's an imerging world of indie/rap music and punk/rap music. For one there is a genre called Crunk which involves mainly african-americans or african-britans singing fast pop-punk and early punk era type music with political and social messages similar and even influenced by rap and r'n'b. This one trend ive noticed, but other than that most music is the same as ever, and most of it changes names and style so much that nothing is what it is said to be.

For a prime example, "emo" doesnt actually exist, apparently according to its original bands it died in the late 90's. But new Pop-punk/punk/emo bands are said to be emo, and then the more gothic of those bands are also said to be emo. There is no way that Fall out Boy is the same genre as Fueneral for a Friend, or any of that, its the media typecasting music, which should never be done.

If people like music dispite its routes, origins or influence, let them call it what they like, dont tell them what it is.

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 30yrs • M •
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christin death metal / black christin death metal

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Any new genre's of music?
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