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Life and Golf

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 32yrs • M
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Life and Golf
I was playing golf the other day and an analogy for life hit me. In this life, we are constantly playing on a hole. We are all aiming to get the best score for the hole we're on. Once we get the ball in the hole, we evaluate ourselves and figure out where we are in the big scheme of things (compare our score the par). After the evaluation we move onto another hole, the next hole in line (a logical process). We finish that hole and evaluate our standing in the game yet again. So what happens when we finish the golf game? Well, if you like the game enough, you might pick the same course again (for practice or entertainment) or perhaps pick another course that looks interesting. If you get good enough, you can even compete with the best and have worldwide appraise.

This is how I view life. I look at it in the micro and the macro. When the my life ends, I will logically move onto the next step in my path (the next course I choose). We are constantly progressing and I don't think it ends at death. Not to say there is life after death, but perhaps there is a choice made for our next life, even if we aren't conscious of it. After all, I am the sperm that made it to the egg

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Life and Golf
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