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Da Vinci code, new gospels, Jesus conspiracies

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 37yrs • M •
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Da Vinci code, new gospels, Jesus conspiracies
We seem to be living in an age where two opponents are battling it out; fundamental believers in set principles and fundamental believers in critical principles.

There are two forms of mindest similar to each other.

Dogmatics; those easily swayed believe in almost anything told to them but understand the value of certain things. Cynics, those not easily convinced, believe little, seem to know the cost of everything; but they don't undretsand its value.

So in the middle we have the critic; the person who tries to find truth by wighing up evidence. This person never believes in fact, but probability.

Theologians have been questioning things about the Bible for ages; what else could they do with their time. This is not new; what is new is that any contreversial information is coming right to the headlines in a way it hasn't before, I think.

Probably because of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the new springing in to life of The Da Vinci Code, we're living in a world of doubt. Now doubt is good, but it seems the principle of doubt is going way off the mark.

See it is not wise to plainly suggest the Old Bible for example is wrong and that in actual fact the heretics were right. That takes a lot more work than just reading sonmeone's view. We have to be a great, hard working historian before we can even begin to properly believe. That said, we can use some of our own insights now to see whether something could be true in the past. This seems rational.

The point is not to forget the 'standard' and believe in the 'new'. The opposite is also true. We must understand both; in subjective study both will have some truth in them.

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Da Vinci code, new gospels, Jesus conspiracies
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