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Gnomic Philosophy

User Thread
 42yrs • M •
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Gnomic Philosophy
An interesting way of thinking. It was brought to my attention in a book I was reading, called Children of the Mind, its the fourth in a series (good read, by Orson Scott Card). Anyhow, for those of you not familiar with the concept, Gnomic Philosophy isnt like your average, tired old philosophy, O if this happens then you will be cursed lalala. Its usually associated with the crazy, because those who are gnomic philosophers will say things like, The blade of grass blows in the wind, unless trampled by the fox. The statements themselves make no sense at all, its up to the person hearing it to tinterpret it as they will.

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"What's the point in not conforming, if it changes you?"
 63yrs • M •
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Have you ever considered, The Child of The Heart? The child of the mind is always changing. The child of the mind dwells in a dark cubical. Receiving information from all of the cubicles around it. No mater how you believe you can free your mind, you are still trapped in your own imagination. It is in your imagination, that you and your whole reality exist.

Isn't it ironic, We now have the freedom to talk to the world within the realm of cyberspace, so now we spend our time in our cubicles, on our computers, and telephones, or watching television.

What are you looking for? Who are you? Why are you here? These are the questions you ponder in your heart, as you sift through all of the useless information being fed to your mind.

Everybody believes something. Everybody thinks they know something. But what does anybody know for sure except that, they are here, and they are going to die.

Everybody that knows you, has their own opinion about you, but do they know you at all. Does their opinion of you even mater? The best you can do, is have an opinion of yourself. Your opinion of yourself, rather you want to admit it or not, is largely based on what other people think. Does your opinion even mater?

Everyone is influenced by the outside information they receive. Every generation is influenced by the collective minds of the masses. History shows us where we came from. Take a look around you and see where history has brought us.

Does anybody have any idea where this is all going? You can search the minds of the masses, and you will find every theory imaginable. But all you will find, is a world full of people like yourself, trapped in their own imagination,speaking whats on their minds.

History has told a story, but time has hidden the truth. Truth is hidden in ruins, waiting to be unearthed. History as it is told, has hidden truth in lies.

Search the minds of the masses, You will leave with only questions. Show me the one who knows the answer. Show me the one who knows the truth.

Is there a final theory? Who will discover it? Is there one great truth to be known. Who will reveal it?

A better question is, who is looking for the truth? Who is asking the right question?

Politics, is made up of people who want power and control. They want to control the masses. They are conditioning the collective minds of the masses. They are leading the world to destruction, gradually taking away freedom. Generation after generation.

The world is controlled by money, and those who have it. Money equals power. Money equals freedom. money brings on death, suffering, and bondage.

Mankind has been on a road of discovery. God gave man all things to discover. God is demonstrated by his creation. Science, and the people studying it, the people that should know more than anyone, spend all of their time trying to figure out how all of this came into being without an intelligent designer.

All of the religious people think they know God. enough said

So what is the question to your answer?

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"It is the time of the reveiling."
Gnomic Philosophy
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