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Free Will - Page 2

User Thread
 37yrs • M •
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Okay lets take things to their logical extremes.

As Schopenhauer said 'A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants.'

In people, I note that concious actions are to the most part caused by unconcious thought, caused itself by preceding actions. It seems to me, that if we do take things to their absolute origin then we do have a cause and an effect and the effect is in direct relation to the cause. Hawking recently said that God was the dude who pushed a snowball and let it tumblr down the hill. I don't, however, agree that God is the past, but rather the past, present and future. Necessarily we are divine beings, but less total.

I think that God is one. And in order for God to be one, there cannot be another or anything else, seperate or connected as big. God is all, everything, a play. We are free in sofar that we have to understand what it is that needs to be understood. I dont see God as a being, but rather all.

In the Christian Bible, Lucifer was given free will and became evil. But who was it that gave him the free will? It was God. And if God is the all start and is perfect, which it must be since if there is a challenge there can be no real order of things. If there were no order, this life would be meaningless; what is the point in having no goal? It would be like playing a football match for seemingly no point at all. And, in order for there to be order, there has to be complete determinism. By this I mean that if person a had exactly the same genes as person b and if both were subjected to the same environmental conditions, person a would be (identical to) person b.

And as I said earlier, where is the hope if we have no free will? Yeah I was being dumb. All of us are one, and by understanding ourselves and others and by trying to solve problems through this method, we do actually become closer to God, or one, or nature. It is ego, purely and simply, that makes make wish for himself to have control over his actions and become selfish. However, this is not a bad thing. Its just a necessary step of evolution.

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Free Will - Page 2
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