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An Extreme Case of Culture Shock for Your Country!!!

User Thread
 39yrs • M •
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An Extreme Case of Culture Shock for Your Country!!!
To be honest, I going to make this clear, I'm writing this for a thesis paper on and in-depth study of the extreme effects of culture shock. Primarily, having to do with what would be an extreme case of culture shock within our own country.

I came up with the idea a few nights ago, when I was watching television and I can across the new X-men 3 commercial (Yeah, I know... but, it was the only one that no one else had. However, it does fit within an extreme form of a case of culture shock within our own country.) Oh well, so that's why I'm asking these hypothetical questions.

So, hypothetical let's say that the US population right now, in 2006, is 295,734,134.
Now, let's say that out of that number, that there are (using a small population number) about 21,000,000 individuals in the US, that actually have some form of extraordinary (or psi) ability. These abilities consist of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, healing abilities, and psychokinetic abilities (a.k.a. mind over matter).

Ok, so the reasoning for these individuals coming together, was not to segregate themselves, but come forward as a whole to help all of society and teach them all that they to have the ability to achieve these kinds of abilities. The other reason is do to the fact that the country is going through difficult times (beginning of economic depression, the incredible inflation of oil prices, the fight of a useless war, and the pending uncertainty of terrorism) which could lead to a problem and or possible civil war; these individuals with their abilities, believe that they could help prevent this problem from happening by giving them hope.

Let's also say that because they wish to reach out further to help other individuals across the country, they have come up with an extremely organized, some might say that the administration that they have come up with could be viewed as more of a self-government structured organization.

The main purpose of this group or organization would be to help any and all whom need assistants and also to help bring a stop to the ignorance of inhuman persecution to those whom study and or wish to learn about how to use and control there abilities. These goals would be achieved by non-violent means; mainly through the use of educating the general public.

(You can choose to answer only one question if you like or you could answer however many question's you want. Please just put the number of the question(s) that you are answering. Thank you.)


1.) My first question; how do you think that these individuals should reveal ourselves to your country and or world? Should we reveal ourselves as a philosophical organization or as a religious organization or something entirely different? Anyways, it would preferable need to be a way in which was non-violent (such as: without the use of mass panic, and without the use of force)?

2.) Second question; how might these people be a benefit to your country/world in a medical, scientific, and social way by revealing ourselves (I know that I kind of explained these question on a social level, but that was my way not yours)?

3.) Third question; do you think that such a organization could even come together to exist?

4.) Forth question; do you believe that some individuals (including yourself) might be interested in joining such a organization?

5.) Fifth question; what other goals and or purposes might you believe would and or should be apart of this organization?

6.) Sixth and last question; what type of challenge and or hostility would you assume that they might face towards the general public and or individual groups/organizations (such as: religious, scientific, social, and medical groups/organizations). Also, how might you believe that we should go about countering it (preferable through non-violent means)?

Thanks for answering my questions,



I apologize for any of the pervious misspellings and or confusion about the topic. I recently purchased this software called Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 (it's a speech recognition program). I'm currently testing it out, however with all new software when you first buy it, there are usually going to be a few kinks in it. So, I've had to correct some of the spelling ever now and again. So, again I apologize.

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 32yrs • M
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I'm going to try and answer all of the questions to the best of my ability.

1. If I had supernatural powers (but not supernatural of course, completely natural ) I think I would slowly tell the people I trusted first. Like family and close friends. Assuming that I must reveal myself, I think I would show my powers in a way that helps someone, to pose not as a threat. Surely a heroic act using "supernatural" powers would get a lot of media coverage and show me as a good guy. Also, if this happened, isn't this when the government captures me and performs endless tests while I'm strapped to a medical table?

2. I think these individuals would benefit the country/world to expanding their mind. Living in ignorance to things never helps. Not to mention, maybe the rest of the world is capable of acheiving these powers?

3. Well I guess these individuals have an upper hand in a fight, lol. Even if they all banned together, could they really destroy the world? I don't think so. The only problem I could see them cause is possibly what this paper is about, culture shock. And this problem only affects those not willing to change who probably will never make any contributions to the world other than helping the economy with their 9-5 job at Micky D's.

I don't know if any of this helped your paper, but good luck on it either way.

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"The truth will set you on fire"
An Extreme Case of Culture Shock for Your Country!!!
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