Courage is the complement of fear. A fearless man cannot be courageous - Robert Heinlein
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 32yrs • M •
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by Cory Rice

I'm on a journey
A perilous quest
I'm headin' towards
West Northwest
Lookin' to find
A treasure chest
I find the jewels
And they're all the best

I look up
To an unwelcome guest
We shoot each other
Right in the chest
We go our separate ways
And as he enters eternal rest
I sigh in relief
At my bulletproof vest

It was all a dream
An unconscious test
And the doctors
Say I'm obsessed
With the idea
Of bein' the best
They say it's like
Bein' prepossessed
I disagree
I think I'm just opressed
Reason being
I'm on house arrest
Nowhere to go
Just stuck in a nest
Think of some wings
For me to manifest
Then fly away from them
And all of the rest

And I'll set off
On my quest...

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"I'm just a normal boy, that sank when I went overboard"
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