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the need for speed

User Thread
 68yrs • M •
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the need for speed
TV program on transit technology. The swiss are working on the idea of transit tubes [underground] possibly even connecting contients? Using hover technique of cryo-magnetic fields & pressure, kind oflike thedrive-up windows at your local bank. Hmm . . . don't want to put alot of coins in the bank deposit, may not get to the teller. Now wouldn't that be just dandy, your deposit stuck in the overhead tubes . . . wow talk about a pile up just think about all those other peoples bank transactions. people looking at you and thinking thoughts & what could you do
A brief view of the technology of the bullit train then changes in existing rail systems to inovatations for greater speeds. Hmm . . easy enough to get stuck at a railroad crossing, now.
Wow, hate to see the results of a bullet train hitting a stall car? WHY

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"Terrorist or tyrant, few may come to the Truth that both are poor choice."
the need for speed
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