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Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry? - Page 2

User Thread
 34yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that takemeseriously is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I wrote this yesterday for a poetry contest that I didn't know ended two weeks ago...

Together We Spun

Together we spun,
Whirling in the gas fumes of late-night goodbyes,
Twirling on our tippy-toes in poorly-lit warehouses,
Spinning on the sidewalks that held as many chips as our shoulders.
We shook our heads in drug-fueled fervors,
Flailing madly in the pits,
Aggression spouting from our lungs like shooting stars that
Couldn't carry any of our damn wishes, no way no how

'I'm so excited! I'm so excited!'
You screamed, hair falling in your face.
Your lungs collapsed and expanded,
Just like everything else I ever loved.
Despite all the misanthropic misdemeanors,
We still hadn't given up hope.

The kamikaze hearts had rallied against us,
Daggers drawn in blue-skied dogfights,
But our passion was unconquerable
And we fought back with fast-fisted fury.
(Little did they know,
Wrapped in white flags,
We could surrender only to each other)

We hung this town with an Indian rope burn,
Our hands raised in the blazing sky.
The lights of the squad cars slid down your throat like water
And, as our pulses pounded in unison,
We laughed, drunk in our defiance.

The hot night was our escape.
We stole away like thieves in the night.
As we ran at the top of our lungs,
Lost in the headlights' glare,
Our snapping shoelaces brought us closer to the solace we sought.

We said goodbye to the John Does,
The 'Who cares?' and the 'Who knows?'
The night of the living dead had finally ended,
And at dawn it dawned on us:
There was no going back
And we couldn't have wanted it any other way.

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"If home is where the heart is, then I got evicted this week (Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains)"
 34yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that takemeseriously is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I love The Folkadots. They are a great band with only around 4 or 5 songs but they are some of the best 4 or 5 songs ever. Listening to their songs makes my heart swell and fizzle, just as if it were filled Pop Rocks and Coca Cola, foaming at the brim, ready to burst. So, in celebration of Valentine's Day, I thought it was approapiate to post some of their lyrics. Go listen to them yourself afterwards (

This song is called "Rainy Days". It reminds me of the day in sophmore year when I walked outside after the bell rang to find it pouring outside. My friend Andrew was sitting underneath the front rafters with the other students, staying dry. I felt really good that day and I love the rain so I thought 'Hey, why don't I dance in the rain!' which is exactly what I did. The students stared at me like a freak as I jumped and twirled and laughed and didn't give a shit. I yelled out to Andrew to join me and, with a huge smile on his face, he did. We danced in the rain together, dripping with water and hoping we didn't slip and bust our ass on the concrete. Those dumb kids underneath the rafters didn't understand that a rainstorm is a free water park. When my mom came to pick us up, we were both soaked, along with our backpacks, smiling, and we climbed in. I took Andrew home that day, like I always did that semester. He was so embarrassed that he lived in a trailer in a junk yard and I didn't care at all. He was such a sweet, good kid. I miss Andrew and dancing in the rain. The Folkadots remind me of joyful times like that.

The Folkadots - Rainy Days

We're both sitting home on a rainy day, but two different people won't see things the same.
You sit inside, you're glued to your TV, but I see it as an opportunity
to go outside and have some fun and remember the times when I was young,
back when I was about five and I had nothing but love inside. and nothing in this world could do me wrong but now all i've got are these sing alongs.
It's not to say that they're not great, but i wish i could go back to place
where everyone in the world was really nice and i was so excited to be alive.
Instead i try the best that i can to make those small moments last forever. you know the ones that feel like they're from a movie or something like that.
This change could just be the weather, but it sure is better than nothin'.

This next song, "Life is an Obstacle Course", reminds me of the futility of self-destruction and how negativity, hopelessness, and insecurity are aspects our society tricks us into believing so we can be exploited. It's always easier to destroy than respect life, and America sells laziness and discontent, so I say 'fuck that!'

Life is an Obstacle Course

I always used to wonder why
destruction is so easy
but building something is so difficult
but i think now that i know
destruction is the easy way to go
and what's the point of going any where
that has no obstacles and leads to nothing?

i always used to wonder why...
so lets go somewhere
and make something beautiful
lets go somewhere and be free.

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"If home is where the heart is, then I got evicted this week (Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains)"
Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry? - Page 2
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