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advice please!!!!!!!!

User Thread
 31yrs • F •
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advice please!!!!!!!!
ok my mom got involved with an drunken asshole who got us kicked out of our apartment now im living with guardians ( my best friends parents) well my guardians say i can stay as long as i want...
but my mom wants me to move in with her and her new boytoy[b]. i love my mom but i don't know what to do ...she never stays with any one longer than two years so do i take the chance or stay in my stable home??????

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"just being me"
 37yrs • F •
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hey...i had a really messed up mother did a lot of seriously messed up stuff.....i wont go into detail, but, i used to move out of her house and stay with family or friends and eventualy she would always talk me back into moving in with her, mostly because she was my mom and i loved her,and she made me feel guilty....i have a question...does your mom use drugs or drink too much herself? either way, she sounds pretty unstable...the best advice i can give you is to stay with your friend...have a relationship with you r mom if you can but your still very young and you need stability right now,it will be hard to not go back to your mom but i think in the long run it would be much better for you to stay where you are

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 43yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Dito on the childhood, if the situation is a threat in any fashion you should take any opportunities for safety and stability.

Like rancid said, leaving Mom especially in co-dependant situations like that is hard, but so is staying.

Smart choice is to get away, the best way you can help her is to be a person living a stable life who choses right over wrong and treats her as she deserves, not how she wants.

But a situation where a child has to be more responsible than the parent never seems to end well, she needs help that you alone cannot give, your part is to love her but not let her drag you down too, and you should be extra wary of exhibiting any similar traits and seek appropriate help if necessary.

If there is any such thing.

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advice please!!!!!!!!
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