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not in love but still benifiting

User Thread
 37yrs • M •
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not in love but still benifiting
i dont know if this should be in psych forum or whatever.. but i was just reading a post by cturtle.. about how "without love their is no meaining in life".. well i was just curious if any of you can still feel amped up and strong and be happy if you like someone (whether or not they are single) and you are doing whatever it is you like doing being motavated by them!! that is.. becasue of you thinking of eventually running into the person you like,.. that keeps you motavted to focus on your goals to imprss them.. and your exited about the continueing building og your goals and use the person you like as your motavation casue when you see them next you can somehow whow what you been workin on to them.. its almost like yuor in love.. i never been in love or anything.. but i was wondering if anyone can relate? cause i guess i feel i should just be in love.. but im having fun still working (philosphy theories = a main one for me) on your goals to impress them when you see them.. for me this seems like enough to keep me happy.. as long as i see em (in someway.. as loing as they hear you somehow (ex: even if become somewhat known/famous etc).. cause your focus is so much on doing that kinda exited that they'l see what your doing so you dont really need love (yet at least).. i guess im repeatuing myself.. another fun thing is just practise socially how your gonna behave to make an impression to the people you crush on.. and that means by making it a habbit now gradually having fun doing tha making it fluent around everyone so youl be sure to be liek dat around them.. an

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 32yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that AquarianStar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I know what you mean. It's like you continue to persevere, focus, achieve, and strive for the best of yourself so when you are finally united with that other person you can honestly say that you deserve to be in their presence and that you are capable of honoring their expectations. I think the same thing.

I think you have to focus on fulfilling yourself and being able to impress yourself and have respect for yourself in your own ideas through your intellectual, career, artistic pursuits etc. first though. You have to know who you are and what you represent and fulfill your own expectations and satisfy yourself first so you know what it is you are seeking from another person and what you expect from them too. So that way you are generally living up to yourself and not just doing all these things to impress another person, it has to be natural.

But once you do live up to your destiny and continue to create your own destiny and journey eventually you will be united with that other half of you because your interests and ultimate objectives are so similar in nature that it is meant for the two of you to be together. It's like magnetic souls. So it's that hope of one day being reunited with that person who can honor your expectations and you can honor theirs that keeps you striving for the best of yourself so that one day you can both say to one another "I deserve you."

LOL I also practice around people too. You have to learn social skills and how to always be yourself no matter who you are around, not changing your personality to access every person but always maintaing your own essence so that way when you are finally united with that person(or you think you are) you are naturally you because you have been preparing all this time to be yourself around that person and deliver your own essence to the table. It's kinda llike preparation and training yourself to always be you to every person so person you are meant to be with will recognize you for you exactly as you are because you will always be you no matter who it is you're talking to.

It's kinda corny but romantics tend to overplan for finding ntrue love. At the end of the day though I think you need to just focus on developing your own destiny and creating happiness and eventually you will cross paths with that other person because you and them are magnetic souls.

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not in love but still benifiting
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