You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. - Max Ehrmann
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Frosty Spring

User Thread
 81yrs • M •
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Frosty Spring
A pure, humble life is a healthy, beautiful life. That is my philosophy. The word beautiful belongs to pure, healthy nature. As someone once said, 'Health is beauty, beauty is health.' In order for this quote to have been said, someone had to study the laws of Mother Nature.
As I sit down to write, my thoughts are taking me on a long journey. It's a walk through a big, rich, beautiful garden underneath our sky. As I am walking, I look at the life of nature. I observe the plants, the trees and the fruit trees. I see some fruit bearing trees and others which are fruitless. They are all beautiful trees. The fruit trees I call beautiful women, mothers. They need healthy strong support in order to bare healthy fruit, year after year. As I continue to walk through this garden, I envision a woman, a mother, standing behind every flower and every fruit tree that I encounter. The woman has tears in her eyes and there is a child standing behind her waiting. They wait, but they haven't been helped yet. Is anyone there?
Earth's soil, fruit trees, women, children and truth are all waiting and crying for help, but no one is here and no one is there. Who can help this earth to stay green except them? These latter words cannot melt away. Health is beauty, beauty is health. God's name has most certainly come into consideration when laws of nature were examined. It is they the soil, the fruit trees, women, children and truth who are waiting. Nature's law has dedicated the word beautiful to them.
I see our 21st century weak, sad and lacking healthy investments. The unripened green fruit is tasteless; yet, it is being ripped from the arms of mother trees. Innocent young children are torn from their nests, their cradles, their dreams, and their mothers' arms before their time. They are as green as the green fruit, and like birds without feathers. However, somewhere, during their lifetime their health will be captured, and they will suffer the consequences. How sad! Taken away! But why? First they are pulled and then they are pushed. Why?
We are building walls between plants, animals, fish and the birds. These walls are between nature and us. They are walls which we will not be able to tear down. These walls are not high enough to stop the unknown diseases from climbing over from the other side. Too many women and mothers are also pushed and pulled in their homes, at work and in the streets. They are asked to be what they are not, and what they were not meant to be.
Earth's soil is not responsible for the changes that took place in this world. Innocent children did not change this world. Women and mothers did not change this world, and, yet, the world did change. It's not their fault. Family values have been lost. It's not their fault. Pure truth did not change this earth. The earth's soil, fruit trees, women, children and truth are still waiting. It's a hot summer day. World, can you take a step and walk away from the ice? Can we help them? How lucky can we be! For the first time we will be able to help ourselves in our beautiful garden.
This is my philosophy and my old news. World, can you put together the mixed-up puzzle and tell me what is your philosophy? The wave is too high. These words cannot melt away. I can see that it will be the good old Mother Nature's law coming to the rescue once again to heal this earth.
Radenko Fanuka

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Frosty Spring
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