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Building Blocks

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 34yrs • M •
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Building Blocks
Ladys and gentle men boys and girls i will try to establish the base of our knowledge and beleifs.( although i assume many of you all have already done this lol)

we start off with the first humanoid beings with intelligent brains beyond there fellow mamals( presumably prehistoric or ancient man) . Walking around till that brain of theres evolves and they begin to use primitive rational and emperical analyse of things.
Everything they see while analyseing they assume to be real, tehy cannot validate or confirm the things around them in any form other than sense experience. So with this assumed base knowledge they establish rules, sciences, morals, beleifs etc etc up till present day. So here we are still useing beliefs and sciencetifical knowledge which we still assume to be real. This reality weve taken to be true has still not been proven since that day and age.

Sounds like radical skeptisism skiping down the infinite regress but id like to hear other peoples veiws on this.

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Building Blocks
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