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Women and the Bible

User Thread
 54yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Dreamer is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Women and the Bible
St Paul.

On Marriage, Divorce, Circumcision, and Celibacy

It is well for a man not to touch a woman, but because of the temptation to immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. Neither the wife nor the husband should refuse each other conjugal rights except by mutual consent; and only for an agreed upon time, less Satan should tempt them. Paul would had liked everyone to be like him, but did not command this of the brethren, saying that each has been given his own special gift from God.
This is the overview.
This is scripture.

1 Corinthians 7; 4
The wife has not authority over her body, but the husband; the husband likewise has not authority over his body, but the wife.

In the last days, Paul said, there will come times of stress. People will be lovers of self and money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than of God, and although holding to the form of religion, will deny its power. Timothy was told to avoid such persons, for they will listen to anybody and can never arrive at a knowledge of the truth.
2 Timothy

The only debt they should owe to anyone was their love for one another, in accordance with the single commandment, "You must love your neighbor as yourself," in which all the commandments are summed up. Love does no wrong to a neighbor, so to love one's neighbor fulfills the Law.
This helps us understand why love is so important.

Love is patient and kind, not jealous or boastful, nor arrogant or rude, insisting on its own way, and is not irritable or resentful. Love takes no pleasure in the wrongs of other's, but rejoices in the right. It endures all things, trust all things, and has hope. Prophecies and knowledge will pass away, but love never ends. So faith, hope, and love abide, of which love is the greatest.
This is the definition of love.......AND!!!!!

The fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, faithfulness, GENTLENESS, and SELF CONTROL. Those who sow to the flesh will reap corruption, but those who sow to the Spirit will reap eternal life.

AND FINALLY.....Likewise, when a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two become one flesh, the wives are to be subject to their husbands, as they were to the Lord. Just as Christ is head of the Church, so is a husband the head of his wife; and as the church is subject to Christ, so should wives be subject to and respect their husbands, in everything. However, husbands must love their wives as they love their own bodies, just as Christ loved the church and sacrificed himself for her; and they must nourish and cherish their wives, as Christ does the church.

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"Even though is difficult, I can still dream."
 54yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Dreamer is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Women are equal to men, BECAUSE....Jesus died for all of mankind.

Let me go further....IF you look at what I gave you about Christ being the guide, rule, the leader for the church...and how to treat women and others...then men should be serving women.
Note how Jesus washed the feet of the Apostles.
He said he came to serve.....and therefore, men have it all backwards in their attempt to be 'BOSS'.

I wish to note that PAUL says these are the ways in which to act...but no where did it say....women will suffer or be punished for not letting a man be head.
It is not a condemnable action if a woman is not submissive..

Matter of fact...IF women were to be loved and treated like Jesus treated the church...women have the instinct to nurture, love, and help a man. There would be no question. Because women inately serve, as it is their natures. IF treated lovingly...they would give a man the world. But it should be returned ten fold from man...who would WANT to treat her as he himself likes to be treated.

Therefore, it all depends on a man's actions on how things will come about.
IF a man demands he be boss, he is going against the very actions Christ showed him.

Never did Christ demand we leave loving friends, nor serve him accordingly. WHY? Because we have free will.
He always asked, NEVER demanded.

For someone to impose their will on another will only cause quarrels. Which are not good.
And it will only inflict a woman to lose her identity...and we know thru research that if a man mistreats a woman...or secludes her, she will become unhealthy in both mind and body.

Therefore, if a man treasures freedom, he must give it, if a man treasures happiness, he must give it. If a man treasures love, he must give it. If he seeks understanding, he must give it.

IT is because of the hard hearts of men, that mankind has lost sight of the good we can find in the Bible...and religion.
Too many fall away because of hard hearts.

LOVE is so wonderful, it can change the world...if we would give up our POWER STRUGGLES, AND JUST GIVE LOVE....and treat others the same.

Side note;...."Those who are first shall be last, and those who are last shall be first"

LOL.that tells me the more subservient a woman is, the more her reward shall be. THINK ABOUT THAT !!!

I hope I made sense in my essay here.
The whole thing in a nutshell.....IF men had the strength to act as patient, kind and loving as Christ....they sure as heck would do nothing less than do what is good for their wives. Their wives would be first...because their love would be real, and we would not have divorces and power struggles. PERIOD!!!

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"Even though is difficult, I can still dream."
 61yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I will check it out. Edgar Cayce believed in Paul, I'm beginning to more and more believe in Edgar Cayce. So maybe I read Paul with prejudice of mind and am missing what he is saying. I've been busy with this Iraq thing on another board and other places.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
 54yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Dreamer is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
That is why we must take the whole of the Bible. It is good.
Thanks Okcity.

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"Even though is difficult, I can still dream."
 34yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Angelfire is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
And women are not equal because they are less holy then men, "the head of the woman is the man", women must be shorn for praying without a veil.
I'm not saying the bible is completely anti-woman. It may call for compassion and sympathy towards women. But ultimately, the bible is a victim of its time, it was perfectly normal to mistreat women, and when men dominated everything back then, and hence it lingers in the bible.

I mean come on, the bible is not the word of God, only perhaps the word of God interpreted by men and THEN written down. Its bound to carry some of the more negative cultural aspects of those days. One of which is male dominance and inferiority (less holy) of women,
I don't think there's any denying it, unless you want to go against the scriptures.

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"Durch Nacht und Blut das Licht"
 61yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that okcitykid is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Dumbteen - I think you are right - I know there are some scriptures that made me angry when I read them. They talked about how women are supposed to serve man. But I like Dreamer's interpretation. He might have interpreted it wrong, but he has the right idea. Then again he might be right. My wife has just finished making me breakfast. She didn't do it because she had to, she did it because she wanted to. Women do serve men, it is in their nature. But - a man has to earn it. I'll have to reread the Pauline Epistles before I make an exact judgement as to Dreamer being right or wrong with his interpretation. But I like his idea.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
Women and the Bible
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