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commercialism of the kabbalah

User Thread
 38yrs • F •
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commercialism of the kabbalah
I've been studying the kabbalah since I was a child, 9 to be exact. Lately, as you all already know, a lot of celebrities have taken up the religion. A religion that's also known as "the secret". I can't help but be a little disgusted. As a child I used to think "everyone should think and feel this way". But these ridiculous things like kabbalah water? and kabbalah cosmetics? This religion is saccred and it's being exploited. So tell me is wrong to be upset that the kabbalah is being mainstreamed and opened to more people. Should I just be happy that more and more are recieving? Or am I righteous in my feeling of disgust as I see something as pure as the kabbalah be abused by "pop culture"?

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 63yrs • M •
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A religion that's also known as "the secret".

If it is a secret, I don't know about it. Not knowing about it, how can I answer your question. I have heard the name Kabbalah, but I'm really not that familiiar with it.

Secret, however, with the mainstream religions had a different meaning than what it means today. Long ago, they did not have printing presses. Things were printed by hand by monks. Everything did not get copied. Those things that did not get copied were called secret. That did not mean that they were meant to remain secret. So to answer part of your question. I don't believe your religion should be kept secret and should be shared with others.

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commercialism of the kabbalah
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