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...Do I really know what I'm getting myself i

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 36yrs • M •
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...Do I really know what I'm getting myself i
...I'm seeing a married girl right now. She is in the process of getting a divorce, but it is really complicated because she is torn between keeping the father of her kids in the picture because she wants her kids to have a dad or go ahead with the divorce.
...She is really stressed because before, she woke up in the morning and knew where her life was going, but now...she doesn't know what to do.
...Anyway, I am a 19 year old college student seeing a 22 year old married mother of two lovely kids. Am I getting myself into something more than I can handle?...

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 44yrs • F •
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Being one who has cheated on a spouse and had an affair with a married man, I would just back off till she gets things figured out. Some thing that you can point out to her is that she can get her divorce if she should choose to go ahead with that and still have the father in her kids' lives. One thing that I have always seen with parents who stay together for the kids' sake is that the relationship still doesn't work and all that happens is it makes everyone miserable. Including the kids.

The only person who can decide if you are getting into more than you can handle is you. But I would, if at the very least, is give her room to decide what she wants and where she wants her life to go. Who knows maybe she can find away to have the kids in their dad's life and still find the happiness that she is obviously looking for without making everyone miserable.

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...Do I really know what I'm getting myself i
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