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high school help

User Thread
 38yrs • F
A CTL of 1 means that Danipog is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
high school help
ok, maybe this advice forum is just for people who get divorced and cheated on and stuff, but i'm only 13 so this isnt going to be about my light speed, exciting, soap opera style love life.

im just about to finish 8th grade and go into high school. i dont really want to either. now, i realize this may depend on the person's point of view, but is high school a huge jump in difficulty from 8th grade? im considering dropping a class or two first semester since i only have 2 study halls in four days and a lot of people have something ridiculous like 6...just wondering what i should do.

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 33yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Dugbug is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Ahh.. Dan, something I can help you with, I am a freshmen and my year is almost over, and I am sure that i can help you out a lot. Yes at first I too was nervous about high school ,yet I am sure my high school isn't completly like yours seeing as how supposedly the freshmen class gets exponentially worse and worse (I remembered that word from Lewis Black), yet to determine what classes you will be in and what you can handle you have to turn to your school work. If you have taken algerbra it is a good example because in that you were learning a lot of new stuff, and that is what high school is about, unlike before where in first grade you learned something and then in second grade you went over what you did in first grade the first half of the year and then the second half you learned new stuff, and this repeated over and over. In high school you are more into learning new stuff though my freshmen year is different because I go to a regional high school, which means a group of towns only get one high school, so my time was spent getting everyone on the same page. Though it is a good idea to talk it over with a guidance councelor or parent or teacher. They usually know what is best, that is if they are nice and know you. If you need any other help you can post, my life has hit a slow point and I have a lot of spare time. Good Luck

Oh and don't worry Dan, I am 14 and a Freshmen and I have already been cheated. YAY! (which reminds me that some day I need to start a thread where someone could tell me WHAT DOES A "BREAK" MEAN!?!?!)

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high school help
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