The filthy riches of the filthy rich are not unrelated to the filthy poverty of others. - China Mieville
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Tagged > Cellulite cream
THREAD Here's about me.... now hows about you?
1 Posts • 2415 Views
Talk Talk
I know.... you've all seen it a billion times, but every time I think it it is so fun. So what do ya think........let's get to know each other. (or let me get to know you, and you I.... caus...
THREAD Elections2004 Presidential Election
7 Posts • 2723 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Kerry has an interesting past, just real quick, Viet Nam vet, 2 tours I think, Had to have his discharge uprgraded many years after the fact, was a war protestor to an extent after his tour(s) and dur...
THREAD Vegetarian or No?
58 Posts • 10591 Views
Talk Talk
Sorry I've been busy and haven't been able to visit this thread as often as I'd like, but it's really been brewing with some juicy stuff! Cynic-Al, I' ve read through all...
THREAD SocietyComparing nations: Australia vs. USA
5 Posts • 12990 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
People ask me to compare the two countries since they both have English as the national language, have/had relations with England, are Western nations, and majority of the population is Christian (not...
THREAD GovernmentKatrina and Bush
0 Posts • 3964 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I very much agree - it's sickening - I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this in my lifetime? Anyways - Important News The locals were shocked and frustrated with all the deman...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyAsexuality
26 Posts • 6044 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
As i said it was time of civil war in 1989 in lebanon and the enemy party to the official army used to lodge in our building they took it as their center...we were evacuated from our homes...they stol...
THREAD Issues with Hateā€¦
8 Posts • 2317 Views
Talk Talk
I dislike having to use the word hate as it is a rather ambiguous word. Some people use the word when they talk about a certain flavour of ice-cream. So Ill give an excerpt of the definition of hate s...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38954 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
And as long as I sit here with long poems at my disposal, I recently had to do a public speaking thing in class, a poetry presentation. Due to the fact that we are currently reading Chaucer's Can...
THREAD Funny TidbitsInteresting Facts
6 Posts • 2910 Views
Jokes & Games
1. 1,525,000,000 miles of telephone wire a strung across the U.S. 2. 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't d...
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