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Tagged > Prove
THREAD SpiritualityWhat happens after we die?
35 Posts • 9009 Views
Religion Forum
"The danger with religion is that it all too often feels threatened, when it need not be, by developments in science and hence tries to argue against these developments." quite to the con...
THREAD SpiritualityBlind Faith
42 Posts • 9291 Views
Religion Forum
And this is what irritates me about it. If you know anything at all about history you know that it is a pretty unreliable scource. First of all, history is written by the winner's of the dispute,...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 33581 Views
Philosophy Forum
fuck man, i just spent i swear to you, atleast 3 hours typing a response and a discussion to angelofdeath, and it was about 5 pages long, and i spent my intire will consentration on it JUST to prove t...
THREAD GovernmentHumans must unite.
46 Posts • 11763 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Pickup, I should not be so negative. Granted. But like a man who has a cheating partner, I still want to believe but have so often been disappointed. I see the divisions amongst us and think that, wel...
THREAD GovernmentPro-Bush thread
33 Posts • 7786 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
It has only been a year - The world is suppossed to end in 2012 but Bush is going to prove em wrong and end it by 2008 so nobody else can be elected. If he can't be president, nobody can
THREAD About You / Introductionsme
6 Posts • 3101 Views
Talk Talk
Hey LostDreamer, Welcome! If you do really like to prove theories wrong, then I would say that you shouldn't avoid anyone. What PV said is very true, read peoples' posts.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 30662 Views
Philosophy Forum
THREAD Religion & HumanityRant
20 Posts • 5602 Views
Religion Forum
Once again pseudoscience is used by people so terrified that God exists that they will believe anything. Anybody who doesn't think God exists has never looked for Him and real science will prove...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Q&A
0 Posts • 3762 Views
Religion Forum
Q: How would you logically prove that your god exists using rational evidential reasoning and justification - without using arguments that someone from another religion would use to prove their god ex...
THREAD God in ReligionQuestioning his Behaviour
284 Posts • 38349 Views
Religion Forum
you see, trying to prove what sleeping said takes time, adn instead of assuming things, we go little by little. and i belevi that he is in fear and as such slanted towards beleife. that is foolish.
THREAD SpiritualityBlind Faith
42 Posts • 9291 Views
Religion Forum
And if you can't understand that no one has to prove to you they are worth listening to, and that entering a conversation with this mentality is OBVIOUSLY agressive and close minded then.... why...
THREAD What is the nature of man?
40 Posts • 8696 Views
Philosophy Forum
lol sorry I had it in my head that you believed that one religion was right and the others were wrong - my apologies! - to answer your question - I wasn't trying to - I was trying to prove that o...
THREAD ChristianityMITHRA! (pt. 2)
31 Posts • 7200 Views
Religion Forum
basically. im just like waiting for either: a. a mathematical equation to prove X religion false b. a big, glowy figure in the sky to totally dazlle me
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 43504 Views
Philosophy Forum
ha. ok. well you've asked me to prove to you something which cannot be proven.. Its not about believing everything is skewed..and theres no way we can know all.(although this is true)....
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAwakendwraith's Pain
13 Posts • 4394 Views
Psychology Forum
decuis, u prove that sometimes even really smart people can be so pathetically thick. more retarted than u, u dnt no the first thing about me. otha than that ive acknowledged that can b a mean bastard...
THREAD BooksSylvia Browne's "Secrets & Mysteries of the World"
12 Posts • 2823 Views
Talk Talk
That last post made absolutely no sense, can you quote lines from what I said that might prove that what you say is true (assuming it has any meaning to begin with)?
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 30662 Views
Philosophy Forum
and how do you know all of this information. have you asked every single one of them NO. so stop redharring, and don't use numbers you cant prove because it completly discredits every word out of...
THREAD Science vs ReligionIsn't Religion Just a Science or History?
72 Posts • 13796 Views
Religion Forum
Beacuse I can, I'm going to give my answer. Religion: system of faith. Usually a worship-based system detailing a way/ways of life. This requires blind faith - belief without proof. Science: sy...
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 9707 Views
Religion Forum
Fire, Hmm, all that depth and substance, my mind is so overwhelmed I just don't know where to begin. So what statements were you so deftly enunciating that you are not in accord with again?...
THREAD God in ReligionWhy Do You NOT Believe In God?
192 Posts • 32395 Views
Religion Forum's funny...ok scientists proved that gravity is that right?...what if they claimed that there is something called "gravity" but they can't prove it..but they can...
THREAD God in ReligionCan someone disprove this logic?
101 Posts • 15331 Views
Religion Forum
it makes sense cause shes 14... no one should be tryingto prove their god thye believe in is better than any other gods. its not a competetion and just the fact that you found a god should make you c...
THREAD War & TerrorismA Conservative Reviews "Fahrenheit 9/11"
30 Posts • 7164 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Assumptions? Iraq having WMD was never an assumption. Not only did he have them, he used them. Ask any Kurd about WMD. As far as Bush lying, it is just propaganda to get people riled up. Unless one ca...
THREAD ChristianityClear Definition #1
0 Posts • 2363 Views
Religion Forum
You are doing what people have done throughout history. You simply intend to prove that it is a bad thing to have moral standards in order to justify immoral behaviour.
THREAD God in ReligionGOD
23 Posts • 7216 Views
Religion Forum
say man, you cant prove the existance of free will. for all we know god could be up there right now fucking shit up. if god is omnipotent then it has the ability to help everyone out, but it doesnt. w...
THREAD Why live if you're just going to die?
74 Posts • 53887 Views
Philosophy Forum
no i embrace god... what i meant was that you have to prove your self to be more good than evil so to speak... So after death you are allowed to enter heaven... but i am scared what god has in store f...
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