I pretty much try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face. - Johnny Depp
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Tagged > Love quotes for guys
 45yrs • F
I LoVe YoU!
 52yrs • M
i love...
 60yrs • F
 46yrs • F
love? what's that?
 42yrs • F
all you need is love
 47yrs • M
 33yrs • F
love me
 36yrs • F
I love you.
 31yrs • M
love is as dum as me
 52yrs • M
i love the web
THREAD T.V. Commercials
1 Posts • 4680 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Which ads do you like/dislike? I love the new ad with Yao Ming & Yogi Berra trying to buy with cheque------ I don't like Harley Earl and hope for new type ads from them soon----- also tir...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyFamily
3 Posts • 2393 Views
Psychology Forum
My family is a fucked up shattered mess. The "split" was and is as big a chasm as the Grand Canyon - and we're neighbors. It seems like I'm the only one who cares at all and is tak...
15 Posts • 2964 Views
Talk Talk
if u don't think their is any such thing as love than u obviously have never felt it for anyone. in my opinion love is the most real thing there is.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionMeaning of Life: Love?
11 Posts • 3371 Views
Philosophy Forum
Absolutely. But is it the connection to others that love creates, or is it that connection that leads to love?
THREAD the thread of LIES
79 Posts • 16100 Views
Talk Talk
I'm in love I love You I don't think I hate school I hate art Is this all sposed to be the opposite?
THREAD guy trouble....
14 Posts • 5695 Views
Talk Talk
It's quite simple rancid. I'm not scared. I just see no point in dating the way these youngins mean. I have at least 5 women on my list of possibles. I treat each of them as a guy would h...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsU can get back your lover...
6 Posts • 3427 Views
Talk Talk
I'm originally from Los Angeles and here's my story. You are there for him, to help him achieve newer heights in life, listen to him when he has problems or feels down when he gets back fro...
THREAD Untitled
1 Posts • 1742 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I live just for love alone. My love is a spark a waiting to erupt in to flames of passion that will consume my heart and soul. This fire only burns for one; together you and I are Ling'ring lover...
THREAD What is Love
25 Posts • 6451 Views
Talk Talk
No these are not my own thoughts Most of these I thought were signs of love but apparently not when I actually think about it like that,,, Those points that aaaare signs of true love, I haven�...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 142048 Views
Talk Talk
ZATO I LOVE PHYSICS TOO!!!!! Another random fact. I once knew someone who apparently wanted to blow up number 10 and the government. I also once knew someone who had a master plan to take over...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat type of women do men want?
3 Posts • 7543 Views
Psychology Forum
Yes, I would say some high-fitness women ( i like that term ) do it just to improve their bodies in a very superficial way. They become very image-obsessed just like other girls but take it to another...
THREAD Relationships & LoveNeed Of Companionship
6 Posts • 3479 Views
Psychology Forum
I believe that there is LOVE and INFATUATION, which are too commonly mistaken for each other. Here's my definition of INFATUATION INFATUATION: when you start a new relationship and you feel li...
THREAD ChristianityScientific Proof of the Bible vs Theories
44 Posts • 19588 Views
Religion Forum
have we completely forgotten that if Adam and Eve did truly exist, they would have created life by incest. If the two original beings of God were incestruous, our chances of survival would be next to...
THREAD I might throw down tommorow
2 Posts • 2214 Views
Talk Talk
I went to these basketball courts I usually play ball at and some dudes were already playing. When the game finished I shot the ball a few times and they were starting a new game and someone asked if...
THREAD How to love emotionally
10 Posts • 3578 Views
Talk Talk
This is really frustrating me. What is love supposed to feel like? Like a burning passion? Up until today, I've pushed myself to suppress emotion and now I've forgotten how to feel and how f...
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